Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bacteria Face

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This week the White House responded to our petition
where we demanded public recognition
of any knowledge of life other life forms,
space land happenings beyond the norm,
but, not surprisingly, they said they know nothing.
Most of us don't believe they haven't seen a thing.

We keep discovering new planets and stars
and soon we're shipping some germs to Mars.
Is it really possible we haven't seen
any aliens anywhere, be they not green?
Are they trying to create little martian men
by flinging bits of ourselves into space now and then?

It wasn't long after the White House announcement
that I heard about where the germs will be sent.
I wonder if they planned it all in one meeting?
Do they ever indulge wacky thoughts that are fleeting?
"Hey guys.  After we tell the people there's no life in outer space,
want to launch some bacteria and see if it turns into a face?"

Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Rachel Hoyt

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  1. Hmm. . .germs in space. How kind of us!

  2. A. Said it, man we are ignorant aren't we. sheesh. Those people in power????

  3. Do they class certain types of 'bad' people as germs? If so I'm all for them sending them out into the far reaches of space.

  4. Interesting post, shipping germs to Mars...:)

  5. hey at least that's less germs to make us sick
    So let them send the thing brick by brick
    Unless there really is aliens there
    And whenever they say such crap it always raises my neck hair

  6. So clever and cute! Just loved it, Rachel!


  7. I hope it will not come back to haunt us.
    Alien bacteria will cause such a fuss.
    Green men just like snot.
    do we need that? i think not.

  8. @pamanner - I know. Uhm... did we ask if others are ok with this?

    @Jan - I bet they're wondering why we don't all think it's a fun idea! LOL

    @SJ - Hehehe. Yes, let's send some of THEM to space. :)

    @sulekkha - I love the interesting tidbits of news you can find on the net. I bet we'd never know about this bacteria getting shipped to Mars before the www. :)

    @Pat - But what if Mars helps those germs grow gigantic? I doubt we'll think that's too fantastic. :P

    @Martha - I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting. :)

    @baldychaz - LOL. Loved your rhyme... snot and I think not. Hehehe. And I totally agree. I hope those bacteria don't haunt me. :)

  9. I heard a scientific report once about boys going to Mars to get more candy bars, while girls were going to Jupiter to "get more stupider." These missions must have been highly classified, because the government has denied these flights for years. There's no telling how the information learned from these studies have been secretly applied to our everyday lives, subtly infiltrating our society. It's a little frightening when you think about it.

  10. The ships people report seeing are those germs after 1 million years of evolution, they're just time traveling back to thank us. Good one!

  11. @Bryan - I've heard that report too! It's amazing the classified news reached both me and you. :)

    @Mari - Thanks! :)

    @rch - I feel like I'm writing back to myself right now... those are MY initials. :) I'm glad you liked it!


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