Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mood Rings of the Future

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Dear Mr. President, Secretary General, top secret agents everywhere,
Sociologists, Anthropologists, and all average citizens who care...

I'm writing you today to present some groundbreaking ideas,
which could be some of the greatest inventions since tortillas.
You see, I recently conducted a pseudo-sociological survey
on mood rings, their popularity and relevance for today.

In the past, they've been worn simply for fashion and fun.
Many were disappointed by them in more ways than one.
Though more than half of us have owned one at some point,
most of us no longer have one. (Lost it or traded for a joint?!)

While the quantitative results I gathered may have been skewed
by smart ass responses I instigated and wanted to include.
The posts that were written and shared proved one main thing:
the mood ring has many further uses we think it could and should bring.

If you aren't already hiding a rock with secret powers at Area 51,
please put your Eureka scientists to work on a fabricated one.
Ideally, the new model should assess the mood of the outside world,
not just the temperature of the finger around which it is curled.

(Side note: It need not be an actual ring.
Mainly we like the color changing thing.
However, try to be at least a little bit incognito.
Hypercolor was too obvious, thus only briefly neato.)

There should be a gadget that can sense the mood of the Internet
or an updated wearable one to help us avoid situations we might regret.
Perhaps you could make a super satellite mood ring for the sky?
Or new emotionally interpretive jewelry that pleasing to the eye?

Do you think we could avoid riots if they were easier to foresee?
Could you monitor the online mood without hindering my privacy?
How cool would it be if our soldiers could be forewarned
by a color changing chip in the dog tags with which they're adorned?

I'm sure any mood ring adaptation you deem worthy to invent
would bring honor to its hippie laden past some still lament.
Rather than being a symbol of those who oppose the military,
it could now help us avoid terrorist situations we find so scary.

I doubt you'll respond to little old me with an outline of your plan,
but if you do decide to run with it... give me this one sign (if you can).
The next time Obama does one of his You Tube interviews,
change the time to fit the questions and call it the 420 News.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

The next Smiley Sociology Study is already under way.
Check out the theme and start writing your post today!

This rhyme is being shared in Poetry Pantry Week #32.
Pantry folks, please leave a link so I can read yours too!

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  1. Good for you, presenting your results without apologies.
    Hopefully the government will consider implementing these mood ring technologies.

  2. I used to have a mood ring, now I have a small wrap, pretty much the same I think. mood white

  3. Love you for this. Wonderful metaphorical piece or is that 'peace'. What's scarry is that I could relate to every point you highlighted.
    Now if you could insert something that would show the absurdity of how 'immigration bills' are being written and implemented here in the country that proports to open it's welcoming and embracing arms to all.
    I have my papers but I'm concerned about my two miniature poodles, Jules and Jaz, who don't.
    'Mood rings', wow! Nostalgia! Best reefer I ever had for my trade(lol).

  4. Wow! Nice that you concluded your Mood ring study beautifully in your poem.I was also happy to see my link under the Internet gadget.
    Awaiting your next Smiley Sociology Study!

  5. This is wonderful! You are a natural at your writings.
    I really enjoyed the mood ring survey and results and see that you put both the good use:)

  6. @ Bryan - I'm glad you enjoyed the results poem since your writing definitely influenced my creativity. Thanks also for always being so quick to read and comment on everything posted by little old me. :o)

    @ Gerald - The wrap that replaced your mood ring sounds quite interesting. I hope the whiteness stands for serenity.

    @ Nene - I love you for loving me for this poem!! I definitely have some thoughts on the immigration stuff... just need to find a NICE way to show 'em. :)

    @ Uma - I'm so glad you enjoyed the study. The next one (on time travel) is already up and running early. :)

    @ Mary - I am told that I inherited this skill from my Grandma Betty. I don't remember her rhymes but hope someone has them saved somewhere for me.

  7. Love it. I would like one that alerts me to morons so I can run ;D

  8. LOL SJ. That would be a handy device! :)

  9. I love sociology put to use in creative ways! Cheers!

  10. Hi Rachel, love it! You are a very talented writer!


  11. Very nice.

    I'm thinking of getting one for Mrs. Cheese. Should make it easier to, um, not say anything inappropriate to her mood.

  12. @ Pamanner - I'm glad you like the sociological twist! I just couldn't resist. :)

    @ Nelieta - You're making me blush. Thank you. :)

    @ Doug - LOL. Those rings can definitely come in handy. :)

  13. That was a fun read on Mood Rings and cheers to all those queer thoughts that you have so meticulously compiled in your poem!! It was an excellent read and LOL!! made me ROTFL :D

    Love your style of humor!!

  14. oopsy haha! and you really did write a poem on it rachel.. great! here's mine in case you have not read~

  15. I love it! Brought back memories. My mood rings always turned black!!! Cold fingers, warm heart, and I'm sticking by that!

  16. @ Jingle - thanks for the A+! Quite generous. :)

    @ Nanka - You may be my first "ROTFL"! Use of that abbreviation makes me quite happy. :)

    @ fiveloaf - I aim to be a woman of my word. It encourages participation in my study, or so I've heard. :)

    @ Lolamouse - I'm sure a futuristic modern mood ring would be able to interpret your mood correctly. :)

  17. This comment came to me via email...

    Rachel, This reminded me of that stupid Homeland Security "rainbow" that never dipped below yellow, thus keeping so many (who believed there were actually WMDs in Iraq, and still do) in a constant state of worry.

    Also, YAY to your 420. No longer my time of day, but appreciate the vibe. First time here, so thanks for leaving a link with your comment at Sharp Little Pencil! - Amy Barlow Liberatore

  18. Amy.. Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem and it's references. I couldn't resist the 420 reference after learning that 90% of the questions posed to Obama for that You Tube interview were about drugs.

  19. one freakin' Awesome plan. And it made me smile.
    Thanks so much for sharing (:

  20. Thank you Bob for coming by to read! So glad I could help fulfill your smiling need. :o)

  21. The problem with mood rings is that they depend on body temperature to measure mood. Here in Canadian winter, my hands are always cold, hence my 'mood' was always black, even at my most gleeful. Much better to wear a glowing blue spectrolite ring that shows how I want to be feeling... ;-)

    Here from the Monday Potluck. Here is my offering:

  22. @ - I completely agree... what fun is a mood ring if black represents glee?

  23. Oh darn it! now I need one too..

  24. @Sarath... if you happen to return and see this... I've visited your blog twice now and it won't let me leave a comment even after I've signed in with twitter. :( You write lovely poetry.


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