Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smiley Sociology Study #2 - Mood Rings

One of my very first rhymes was about a mood ring
and it has brought me a decent amount of net search traffic.
So I thought my blogging friends could write and bring
me mood ring related stories to help me study that demographic.

Whether you still have your mood ring or never wanted one,
lost it in you teens or still wear it now and then for fun...
I bet you have some memory of mood rings that'd be fun to share.
So, write it up now and link it up here if you dare.
Please don't link to your home page - link directly to your post.
Read the rules of the Smiley Sociology Study to benefit the most.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

Non rhyming directions for the poetry challenged:

(1) Create a new post on mood rings or link to one about mood rings that was already on your blog.  All blog types are welcome - writers, photographers, artists, crafts people... but please keep it PG-13 and link directly to the post, not to your home page.
(2) mention and link back to the Smiley Sociology Study within your post
(3) copy the link for that post
(4) paste link into Mister Linky below
(5) leave a comment here to let me know you've posted a link
(6) read links left by others and tell them (nicely) what you think
(7) enjoy your increase in traffic

I will keep Mr. Linky open until midnight on Saturday, January 22nd. Until then... keep sending me your links! Your possible prizes for participation include a linkback in a future Rhyme Me a Smile post, the Honest Scrap blog award, and more. 

If you want to help me with my study, but think all of the above is too much darned work... perhaps you'd have time to take this survey?


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  1. I never had a mood ring. New a lot of people who did, but for some reason, never desired it. I wonder if they still make those?

  2. Hi Mary. Thanks for visiting. I still see mood rings around here and there. There is a mood ring application available on Android phones too. Clearly someone out there thinks its fun to have an inanimate object tell them how they feel. :o)

  3. I make moodrings and sell them at craft shows and online. They are my most popular item.

  4. That's great Patricia! Feel free to link in any informational page on mood rings you have using the Mister Linky widget above. I would be happy to help promote you! I, sadly, seem to have lost my mood ring. If it doesn't turn up soon I may have to check out your product line. :o)

  5. I had a mood ring once upon a time. Must’ve been cast off as junk.
    I read a hilarious poem several years ago called, In the Parlor.
    It was about two girls in a funeral home leaning over a relative’s casket and viewing the body. Suddenly they saw that their deceased cousin had a mood ring on his finger.
    “Wonder what mood he’s in now,” asked one of the girls.

  6. I'm going to go look for that poem, Deborah. Thanks for mentioning it. :o)

  7. thanks rachel but i can only help you with the survey questionnaire.. i am a lousy prompt inspired poet unless i have one written of the same theme in my previous postings which i could link and help you with it! cheers! you could add me in facebook though-!

  8. I will add something later this week!
    Love the way this written in rhyme too.

  9. @ fiveloaf - the survey helps too! Thanks for doing it. I would be happy to add you on facebook, but can't find your page or a way to search for you using that email address. :(

    Jessica... thank you! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :o)

  10. Good Luck...
    kind of dry these days.

    Best Wishes.
    lovely prompt.


  11. creative and crafty - I never had a mood ring though, I did date a woman who had one once but it must have been malfunctioning because those colours never did match some of the moods she was in...

  12. Thank you, Jingle. I'm sure I'll make something fun of this no matter the results... and I will keep trying! :)

    @ abthomas - You crack me up, but yes it's true... many women have moods not summed up by red, green and blue. :)

  13. I have linked in my Mood Rings,Rachel!Hope you like it :-)

  14. Uma, your link is perfect! It would definitely be interesting to have a mood ring function built in to your computer. :o) Thanks for participating. I'll keep working on getting more folks to join you.

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  16. Rachel, my mood rings are on my store. I have yet to do a blog for my jewelry (probably should, but I haven't) So if I used Mister Linky it'd be to the listing on my store. I'd rather make sure that was okay first (although, your post has got me thinking of doing another contest on my blog to give away a piece of jewelry. My readers deserve a gift every now and then.)

  17. Hi Patricia - since you make them yourself, I am happy to let you link in anyhow. I always want to support crafts people like myself. I have a blog for my crafts, but haven't noticed any uptick in sales because of it's creation. :o)

  18. Hi Rachel. I've posted a haiku about Mood Rings and linked it in to your Mr Linky. Hope it's okay!

  19. The haiku is amazing! Thank you, Jessica. :o)

  20. Thanks Rachel, wanted to make sure before I submitted the link.

  21. There you go Rachel. I wrote a post about Mood Rings. I hope I understood the rules right. If not, God help us all.

  22. Patricia - your rings are elegant! Coincidentally, I'm trying to learn that type of wire technique now. I just bought the tools after Christmas. :o)

    Bryan - Your post was awesomely hilarious!! A WAY more exciting story about where mood rings came from. Hehe.

    TO EVERYONE: don't forget to visit the other posts and leave them comments. The study is open for submissions for one more week if you know anyone else interested in participating...


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