Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Mood Ring Game

No matter how generously compensated, high profile, or intriguing a job may be,
nearly all of us (at sometime) could use a little pick me up... a bit of fun for free?

I know I've wished for added perks more than once or twice,
when the company couldn't afford to do anything nice.

Then one day I came across my old mood ring,
and to my thoughtsickles, an idea it did bring.

Tomorrow at work, with my mood ring adorned pinky finger... I'll play a game,
perhaps a little harmless prank on my co-workers will make the day feel less lame.

If the ring turns black or gray I'll stutter or twitch,
when amber, I'll wiggle in my seat, like I have an itch.

Then, when green and blue hues appear,
I'll be normal again towards those who are near.

If more the mood ring should possess two rings of opposing color at one time,
then I'll have to perform at least part of my conversation - in pantomime.

Sure, people might start to think that I'm crazy,
but I'll make sure they don't think I'm lazy.

I just want to see what their faces will do,
when the ring is no longer green or blue.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

National Enquire-what???

This weekend I read the National Enquirer for the first time in years,
and realized that If I’d loved the old one, this copy would’ve brought me to tears.
When did they stop writing about conspiracy theories, UFOs and such?
Is asking them to differ from People & US Weekly really too much?

I suppose no one else covered the secret life of Jackie Chan,
without NE, I’d still think he was a good family man.
And, no where else could I get the play by play,
on Whitney Houston’s Scandinavian food bingeing day.

But, seeing Gary Coleman’s “death house” just seemed intrusive.
And, reading Palin family secrets in print feels a little abusive.
Warren Beatty’s daughter is apparently becoming his son,
and Michael Jackson’s dad is exploiting the little ones.

Sure, celebrity gossip has a certain entertainment value,
It’s not all that easy to make the same story sound new.
But I wish they’d go back to the ones that sounded made up,
Something like, “3 month old Baby Can Lift a Pickup Truck!”

Perhaps I’m remembering the old version all wrong,
maybe I’ve disliked their news all along.
Perhaps I need to see it in new light,
what the readers want, they research & print… right?

Next time I see it… think I’ll flip right to the very last page,
where they write of true “Acts of Kindness” in this day and age.
Until then, I’ll continue my search for weird news…
please let me know if you have material I can use.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

Evolution of the Sandwich

The 4th Earl of Sandwich was the kind of man I admire -
stopping poker for dinner lit his temper on fire.
And so he invented a most tasty dish,
meat between bread sounded totally delish.

From that day on eating didn't interfere with his fun -
he kept his cards in the left hand, food in the right one.
I'm guessing the Earl fell in love at first bite,
and committed to eating them every single night.

These days sandwiches are revered for their size and/or flavor,
and reality TV chefs tell us where and what we should savor.
As a food channel watching, online poker playing girl,
I can't help but feel sad - we've let down the Earl.

The sandwich is now difficult to eat with one hand,
because "bigger is better" is what's in demand.
Piled high with meat, cheese, veggies and sauce,
our gambling is interrupted; the sandwich is boss.

The sandwich has been evolving for nearly three hundred years,
and many no longer gamble due to addictions and fears.
The original meat & bread concoction to me sounds quite plain,
and I feel that during poker, tasty food fuels my brain.

The Earl of Sandwich didn't experience today's online poker gurus,
who play in pajamas, watching tv, with no t-shirt or shoes.
Spilling on our computers is just a risk we must take,
nearly every time we eat while the game's not on break.

© Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Links to the you tube videos that helped inspire this poem:

The Sandwich Song

This poem is being shared for Poetry Potluck's 25 week aniversary.
I thought my readers might enjoy seeing one of the original posts from me.

Record Breakers

This “youngest person to sail around the world” competition,
got me thinking about some people's drive and ambition.
Where does the quest for record breaking come from?
Do you hear it in your heart like the beat of a drum?
Some people feel a stronger competitive vibe.
They’ll risk a lot just to feel more alive.
But not everyone can be a world famous athlete,
a political trendsetter, or even a mathlete.
So… There are people willing to do anything weird;
from talking the fastest to growing the longest beard.
In Northampton they recently had a wacky record breaking event-
people balancing bricks and eating cockroaches in the same tent?!
The Brits lost a little something to the Aussies,
'cuz they gathered all the costumed heroes and their possy’s.
In Ohio, 110 dance students joined their teacher’s big day,
and became newest title holder for most bridesmaids, they say.
Two Austrailian chefs hope to steal the legend of a man,
who made the biggest burger ever, in Michigan.
On TV, Adam Richmand faces crazy challenges of food,
showing America the life of a taste loving dude.
People everywhere are giving worth to their name,
by winning an adult sized childish game.
But why not get out and have a piece of the action?
Perhaps your special talent can bring satisfaction.
For I truly believe a childlike spirit will help you live long,
and even wacky records endure, like the king of ping pong. 

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011
Links to the you tube videos that helped inspire me: