Tuesday, March 29, 2011


     Image by Danilo Rizzuti via freedigitalphoto.net

Another April Fool's Day is nearly here.
Will your friends endure a prank this year?
I think any holiday that's hundreds of years old
should have a few celebrants that do it up bold.
Of course, due to the yin yang of personal taste,
some don't appreciate humor being prank based.
I think litigation squashed most of the foolish fun
but wish more of the rich would try for a big one.

A read through the top one hundred hoaxes of all time,
shows that the best ones definitely aren't dreamed up on a dime.
The island The Guardian staff invented in 1977, San Serriffe,
must've taken many months to plan so cleverly and complete.
Though less was required for the 1957 Swiss Spaghetti Harvest,
these "news" stories still represent pure pranking at its best.
It's sad that these days people would most likely sue you,
otherwise, instead of this, I'd write a fake news story too!

I used to wonder why people got so upset about pranks,
but now know a few pranksters who may deserve spanks.
The first is Porky Bickar, who thought he should throw tires
into a volcano, scaring locals with non smoke and mirror pyres.
I also think it's mean to offer people a phony bargain deal.
Even I would have to call to learn if the deal was fake or real.
But by far the least funny I've heard of was from World War I,
when the French thought dropping a football bomb would be fun.

Laughing it off gets harder when pranksters prey on primal fears.
Most agree that only evil people laugh when creating others' tears.
So if you prank this year, try to make it a happy smiley one.
I can't wait to see what's next from the famous Richard Branson.
I hope more companies make fake ads with the truth in fine print
and that reporters again test the public's intelligence for a stint.
I say that as long as it's a witty test of intuition or observation
it's fair game for any prankster's April Fool's Day celebration.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011. All rights reserved.

This rhyme is being shared via One Shot Poetry,
who, incidently, just won an award... a Shorty!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

The McNugget's Repreive

          Image by Patou via freedigitalphoto.net

A gal who was painfully shy
and grateful that no one asked why
sent her twin to retrieve
the McNugget's reprieve:
a taste tester of sauces to try.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011 All Rights Reserved

This limerick was written for Mad Kane's Limerick-Off.
Come over for a gigglish laugh. I swear you won't scoff!


I apologize for over using OMG and LOL.
They added them to OED.  What the hell?!
I should call my BFF to see what she thinks.
I feel expanding use of initialisms totally stinks.
I remember scoffing at the first uses of  "PC".
I guess that's the "I don't like changes" in me.
There are a few initialisms I use just for fun,
but I fear the formation of a new language has begun.
But really, what's a modern gal supposed to do?
I, personally, cave in eventually. i.e. using TTYL2.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

The image above was a photo prompt from the Poetry Tow Truck I did for fun.
Come on over to see the interpretations of the various photos by everyone.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Perpetual Grinning

There once was a poet who kept winning
awards which perpetuated her grinning.
Laugh lines the only drawback
other than a happiness attack.
Blogging's brought her glee since the beginning.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me for the Perfect Poet Award in Poet's Rally Week #40. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday AM TV

Image by Salvatore Vuono via freedigitalphoto.net

There once was a talking sponge named Bob.
My valuable braincells he attempted to rob.
I can see why he makes little kids laugh and play.
Still I wish there was better AM TV on Saturday.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

This poem was written because LOL Prompts inspired me. 
Click the link to read more smile inducing poetry.
I'm also sharing it in the Poetry Pantry,
another great poetry forum that you should see.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

An Awards Thank You Long Overdue

I've been a bit lax on posting thanks for some awards,
but wish now to show they strummed my heart string chords.
I did have them all listed on a separate shiny page,
but blogger glitched and deleted it all when I said save.
Thankfully I had already made myself a little paper list.
If I didn't at least have that I would really be pissed!
You see, you all have really flattered me too much
and my memory has trouble with names and such.
So, finally, here's my long overdue THANK YOU.
Each of you have blogs I truly enjoy reading too.

Lolamouse, your LOL award was incredibly sweet!
I enjoy both your blogs. The range of writing is neat.

Bryan, I look forward to seeing your new blog's style.
The receipt of your stylish award gave me a big smile.

Mary, I thank you for seconding Bryan's nomination.
FYI: The deja vu version brought just as much elation.

I doubt I'll ever forget the day my bloggy friend Doug said,
"Your Blog Doesn't Suck" and Be More Gay should be read.

I also got two awesome awards for my fine versatility
from Louise's World of Art and another poet friend, A.B.

Most of the above awards were accepted on the condition
that I reveal a few things about my history and disposition.

So, I've decided to finally follow this rule too.
Here's some silly random facts about me, for you!

(1) In high school I "lettered" in badminton and choir;
not exactly the activities that boost popularity higher.

(2) I rarely start the day without drinking coffee...
to avoid that caffeine headache which is really nasty!

(3) I am a participant in the pastime known as hashing.
I find the exercise adventure fulfilling and relaxing.

(4) As far as formal education goes, I'm poetically untrained.
One day grandma's rhyme gene kicked in. Now it can't be restrained.

(5) I sing in the shower a little but in the car even more.
For me, karaoke is not a drunken party chore.

(6) I have a fraternal twin and our middle names rhyme.
Don't think mom knew she'd birthed a rhymer at the time.

(7) I love to cook, but often eat chips, salsa and cheese for dinner.
When time is short, for me, that meal is a frequent winner.

So, there you go... seven fun facts about me.
Now who to pass these on to, let me see...

The Stylish Blogger and Versatile Blogger awards above,
are hereby given in tandem to the following blogs, with love.

To Bubba, for inventing a new poem form, the Frost on a whim.

To Pamanner's Blog for her poem Pitch which deserves more than a skim.

To this Limerick Called Life for "When the scissors come home to roost."

To The Fickle Forgettery for giving me what her page stats deserve: a boost.

To Tao of Anxiety for teaching great ways to maintain your smile.

To AZFree, who sadly, hasn't been on line in a little while.

To the bald man whose ranting rambles are smart and funny.

To Patricia Lynn - hope you find a publisher that wants to show u da money!

That's my rule breaking for the day: two awards each instead of one
and just maybe I'll hand out the others some future day... just for fun.
Thanks again for all the awards!  Your encouragement means a lot.
At the moment I feel like I've been hugged by every fan I've got!

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Talk To Turtles

I talk to turtles.
My turtle talks to me.
I talk to turtles.
I use my ESP.

Ok, so maybe,
I only talk to one.
My little baby
Pokey girl's so fun!

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

I just wanted to encourage you, my lovely readers, if you haven't been over to visit my other blog recently... or ever (wink)... that now is a great time to click on over.  My turtle Pokey and I have been debating my dream of traveling to New Zealand.  Here are the links for Post #1, Post #2 and Post #3.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Guest Posting is Fun!

Image by Salvatore Vuono via freedigitalphoto.net

I recently wrote a few rhymes
for blog friends in busy times.
Unless you want to miss out,
come see what I wrote about!

Clerihews for Jessica at Finding One's Way

Pseudo Twins - for SJ at Almost There

Thank you ladies for the chance
to get your readers in my trance.
I hope they did enjoy my rhyme
and visit for a smile sometime.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.
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World Poetry Day

     Image by vichie81 via freedigitalphoto.net

Today is World Poetry Day!
I simply must shout out "Hooray!".
Won't you please share with me
your favorite piece of poetry?
Or just something creative and fun
to inspire me to write a similar one.
I love to read poems and mimic their form.
Will you help me find one that's out of the norm?
Use Mister Linky or leave a comment below.
I need you to help my poet reading list grow!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have Some Fun Under the New Zealand Sun

            Image by Salvatore Vuono via freedigitalphoto.net

Crazy Christchurch chaos has caused some timid travelers' trips to get paused.
I understand that they had planned to rest on the sand, not lend a hand,
but the rest of New Zealand, as I hear it, has definitely not lost that Kiwi spirit.
In NZ, all around, wacky antics abound.  In many a town, fun festivals surround.

Have you ever tossed a rubber boot 'cuz you lost the other while sloshed?
What if you could play a game based on the same activity yet less tame?
Tossing a Gumboot might be a real hoot.  Luckily the festival's not kaput.
Even if that was so, there's still a place you can go year round to throw.

Maybe you're too cool to toss boots like a fool because you went to art school?
Perhaps the world of wearable art is where you should start to wacky your heart.
Described as "mardi gras meets haute couture" it's not for the stylishly demure.
Exciting shows to ease your fashion woes and inspire beauty pure as a rose.

If you're feeling frisky, like being risky, the Wildfoods Festival is totally a must see.
They use stuff like bugs and grubs to make lookalike food which nobody snubs.
It's a great way to be able to say to the grand kids some day that you once ate larvae.
I, myself, have yet to savor such a unique flavor, but perhaps my cravings will waver.

I think that for me something more chocolaty would be much more yummy.
So someday I'll stroll over to see the Jaffa Roll.  It's my newest travel goal.
Down Baldwin Street, the world's most steep, Cadbury eggs roll faster than feet.
What simple fun, a race without the run!  I hope my egg is the winning one.

I hope smiles have quivered and that you'll consider the fun New Zealand can deliver.
Chances are if you're here, you like wackiness to appear 'cuz like happiness, it's dear.
Life's short.  Don't abort your travel dollar support due to a few scary news reports.
Go have some fun under the sun.  Blog4NZ's here to say travel season has begun!

© Rachel Hoyt.  All rights reserved.

This post was written to participate in an international blogging event called Blog4NZ.   Please tweet this post using the hash tag #Blog4NZ to show your support!

I am sharing it in the following poetry forums in hopes of bringing as much publicity to Blog4NZ as possible: 

The Poetry Pantry
Poetry Potluck

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stylish Irish Limerick

Stylish Irish Limerick
by Rachel Hoyt

If you are regretting pretending you're Irish,
planning next year to drink less and be more stylish.
You may enjoy this how to video
on making true St. Patrick's Day pride show.
Good news: you won't have to eat that cabbage side dish!

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ulster Fry Limerick

by Rachel Hoyt

          Image by Federico Stevanin via freedigitalphoto.net

If you drank mass whiskey yesterday
to celebrate St. Patty's the Irish way.
You might need an Ulster Fry,
to kiss that headache goodbye.
Then you can party again for Friday!

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

Click here to read yesterday's limerick about Guinness.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guinness Limerick

by Rachel Hoyt

I used to avoid drinking Guinness.
I felt that it pushed me towards sickness.
Then I learned the Bailey's trick.
Irish Car Bombs go down slick.
Now I just worry about being witless.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Patty vs. Paddy

by Rachel Hoyt

                    Image courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net

Patty is derived from the name Patrick.
Paddy's comes from Padraig (which is Gaelic).
It is best to say St. Patty's Day.
Throw paddy wagon memories away.
Don't torture the Irish geriatrics.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leprochaun Limerick

by Rachel Hoyt

                    Image courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net

I've always wanted to befriend a leprochaun;
a mystical friend to party with until dawn.
We'd search for rainbows together,
find gold in the rainy weather,
and ensure no four leaf clovers get stepped on.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

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This limerick is being shared at Theme Thursday and  One Shot Poetry.
Click on over to their sites. There's lots more good stuff to see.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Brigit Limerick

by Rachel Hoyt

               Image by luigi diamanti via freedigitalphoto.net

St. Brigit, the Queen of Heaven, knew dear old St. Patrick.
They say she birthed, married and murdered him like a hat trick.
How could she possibly do all three?
Just what is her place in history?
She sounds like neither a kind Celtic Saint nor a Catholic.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patrick Limerick

by Rachel Hoyt

                    Photo courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net

There once was a man named Saccat,
who wandered 'round Ireland and taught.
Good things come from God.
Naughty pirates rob.
Listen to St. Patrick we ought.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

This limerick is the first of seven I will post to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Click the little St. Patrick link above to learn a bit of history about the man of honor and why in the world I would choose a pirate's flag as the image for this rhyme!  Click here to read the next Limerick in the series.

This poem is being shared in the Poetry Pantry.  Come on over for more beautiful poetry to read. 
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ode to Strength

         Photo by Ambro via freedigitalphoto.net

What exactly is the best test of a human's overall strength?
Does it involve weight lifting or pain endurance time length?
Any time I see a non-traditional test of strength on TV,
I simply have to stop and watch a bit. It fascinates me.
Wipe Out and American Ninja are two of my favorites.
You think one day they'll have a test for distance one spits?
Someday I hope to see the wife carrying championship.
I think that would make for a most memorable trip.

Perhaps you think strength involves muscles plus power?
Doesn't matter what you lift 'less your the man of the hour?
I think this is the thought process of the Alex Baldwin type.
So then what do we make of all this Charlie Sheen hype?
He's only minimally physically fit but just won a Guinness world record.
One million Twitter followers in 25-ish hours. Is America that bored?
Does his social influence even truly symbolize strength at all?
Empires may occasionally rise quickly, but they also can fall.

Or maybe the ultimate proof is the ability to rise from the dead.
One Oklahoma shelter puppy has done just that, or so they said.
The adorable Wall-e seems immune to euthanasia.
Awesome to think your DNA could truly save ya.
I wonder if they could channel that source to create a cure
for the emotional and mental pain some people must endure.
I think those heart scarred warriors are the strongest and bravest.
Their trials poo-poo our grandiose tests to procure the greatest.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

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I'm also sharing this couplet on Inside my Poem Book.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Time Travel Telephone

          Image by Salvatore Vuono via freedigitalphoto.net

The Smiley Sociology Study on time travel confirmed one assumption for me:
most people don't want to change the past or future, just pieces of history to see.
Many also worry about disrupting the space time continuum by accident
and think it would be better for the world to remain time travel abstinent.
Yet I can't help but wonder if there is one more "half way there" possibility...
what if we could telephone the past or future but couldn't actually see?
Would it be any less dangerous without the ability to visually verify?
I wonder who I'd call first... probably some really important guy.

Perhaps I'd start with Jesus and Buddha to deepen my spirituality.
I could ask them if the time travel telephone is bad for our morality.
Hopefully with their blessings I'd continue down the secret phone list,
trying to limit the fun to one a day, though more would be hard to resist.
I'd call Columbus and ask him to attempt peace with native dwellers.
I'd call Wild Bill Hickock and his flock of tough guy horseman fellers.
I'd ask my grandpa about his favorite places to play some poker.
I'd be tempted to seek some future data from an investment broker.

See, there I go, getting selfish with my magic phone on the sixth call.
Perhaps time travel should be banned to prevent our downfall.
Innocent banter on the phone with Dr. Seuss seems harmless,
but what if he writes a book about the call and your forced to confess?
You're catapulted to new fame through a blur of personal interviews.
Time travel gets promoted.  Despite your pleas, they still choose.
Sadly, not even a rhyming prank call to grandma would be safe to make
and heaven knows, if they invent it, that's a chance I'm willing to take.

Once again, dear world, Sociology has confirmed the obvious.
As a whole, we humans tend to dabble in the devious.
Whether it is just chit chat or the ability to take a trip,
time travel is probably an experiment we should skip.
So, if you're a sceintist pondering such an invention,
make sure to plan for those with ill intention.
Make a decoy time travel vessel to convince the immoral they went,
because protecting the space-time continuum is money well spent.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stylish Limerick

                   Image by idea go via freedigitalphoto.net

A gal who took pride in her style,
walked in her Dolche's a mere mile.
Then she gave up walking
for shopping and talking
'cuz blisters were sqinching her smile.

© Rachel Hoyt.  All rights reserved.

Smiley Sociology "You're Worth a Million Bucks" Awards

Approximately a month ago, I opened the Smiley Sociology Study on time travel.
I decided to team up with some blog friends not knowing what would unravel.
The result was a fantastic voyage through words, dreams, laughs and squeams.

As the month went on, I began to worry... how will I ever be able to summarize?
What if my "research" concludes nothing no matter how much I analyze?
The posts were uniquely great so I'm challenged in reaching sociological conclusions,
so... awards now and come back soon for the "response rhyme" with link inclusions.

Bryan at Nuclear Headache deserves this award times ten for starting the theme.
He enlightened me about time travel all month long in ways I couldn't have foreseen.
I was most blown away by the time, he wrote his entire post in intellectual rhyme.

Doug at I Like Cheese rivaled Bryan's entire month of post topics blindly.
Knowing only the post titles, he researched what he could mindfully.
I loved his lesson on John Titor.  If I had to rate it, it'd get a high score.

SJ at Almost There wrote an amazing rhyme that swept me into a beautiful dreamland.
'Twas the first time I've fallen into a swirl and thrown into a mystic whirl by her hand.
Mary (the non-poet) gave poetry a try and wrote a splendid piece pondering the why.
She concluded life was perfect as is.  On the purpose of this life journey she'll rely.

Paul at One Eye on the Rear View Mirror went to 1974 for fun and to invest.
I agree with him that, if going back for a rock concert, the 70's would be the best.
Azfree took us far beyond her window and left me dreaming of the future.
Leaving the past behind through this port of call for a better life rumor.

Ignoring the rantings of the bald man, we all traveled more than 2 hours away.
Baldychaz says going any farther would mess things up in a very, very bad way.
Last but not least, I hope Atypical Scott didn't get cancerous tumors on is melon.
For me, sharing time travel month with all of you was like gellin' with Magellan.

I wish I could give you a real million dollars, but you're stuck with this digital bill.
Reading your posts, for me, is like popping a magical creative juice pill.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

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This post is being shared in Poetry Pantry #32.
If you're a poet, click on over to share your stuff too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened."
So that's what I vow to do on this, his birthday, March 2nd.
I know his writing well, but haven't previously studied his personal life.
And, not knowing Seuss fun facts was beginning to cause me mental strife.

I was recently nearby but unaware La Jolla was once his home base.
Seeing where he stored his thinking caps would've put a smile on my face.
Learning he participated in a Prohibition party made me giggle and grin.
As a result, he was kicked off the school paper and thus birthed his pseudonym.

Would you imagine a different college experience for a brewmaster's son?
Did you know he wrote a book using only 50 words on a bet for fun?
One of his works contains the first recorded instance of one beloved word: nerd.
Yertle mimicked Hitler, but the burp bothered the publishers more, I heard.

Like another favorite of mine, Homer Simpson, Dr. Seuss was from Springfield.
Perhaps it was this Seuss Simpson city kinship which made Homer cooler than Garfield.
Who wouldn't want to have something in common with the great Theodor S. Geisel?
I hope and dream that my rhymes will some day spread like his did; go viral.

So... Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  I hope you can see all the smiles you left behind.
You've inspired many dreams for me.  Endless rhyme subjects I seem to find.
I promise to do my best to make sure your stories live on forever and ever.
If you could possibly talk to me in my dreams, I'd be open to that whenever.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smiley Sociology Study #4 - Animal and Creature Characters

My rhyming superhero, Dr. Seuss, invented animal and creature characters,
to express serious messages through more humorous parameters.
I don't know much about what various animals symbolize,
so I thought, perhaps on your knowledge I could capitalize.
This month I'd like to read posts on what animal(s) or creature,
you believe represents you or a someone you chose to feature.

Are you as brave as a lion or stubborn as an ox?
Perhaps you're mean as a python or sly as a fox?
Maybe you know a group that acts like a gaggle of geese?
Or is there a herd of cattle mentality you'd like to tease?
Rhyming or not, all writers are welcome to link in.
Just follow the writing theme and let the fun begin!

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

Non rhyming directions for Smiley Sociology participants:

(1) Create a new post or link to a post already on your blog which fits the theme described above. All blog types are welcome - writers, photographers, artists, crafts people.  Please link directly to the post, not to your home page.

(2) mention and link back to the Smiley Sociology Study within your post

(3) copy the link for that post 

(4) paste link into Mister Linky below

(5) leave a comment here to let me know you've posted a link

(6) read links left by others and tell them (nicely) what you think

(7) enjoy your increase in traffic 

I will keep Mr. Linky open until midnight on Thursday, March 31st. Until then... keep sending me your links! Don't forget to visit the other blogs.  Reading, commenting and promoting others' work is good blogging karma.  If you made it this far... thanks for reading!!

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