Friday, February 4, 2011

Smiley Sociology Study #3 - Time Travel

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Two of my blogging friends - Nuclear Headache and I Like Cheese -
have begun a themed writing journey on a subject that's sure to please.
I've decided to encourage more of their fun by opening my next study early.
Don't you think further discussion on the subject of time travel is worthy?

Haven't you thought about some piece of the past you'd like to see?
Is there someone who is now gone with whom you wish you could be?
Do you wonder what would happen to the present if someone changed the past?
Is your mind now ponderously churning? Are you ready to have a blast?

Those who are interested have the rest of the month to write a post.
I'll link back in my "results" rhyme in March to those I like the most.
Or if you're just an average Joe and want to tell me something you know,
leave me a comment below and perhaps your influence will also show.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

Non rhyming directions for the poetry challenged:

(1) Create a new post on time travel or link to one about time travel that was already on your blog. All blog types are welcome - writers, photographers, artists, crafts people... but please keep it PG-13 and link directly to the post, not to your home page.

(2) mention and link back to the Smiley Sociology Study within your post

(3) copy the link for that post

(4) paste link into Mister Linky below

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(6) read links left by others and tell them (nicely) what you think

(7) enjoy your increase in traffic

I will keep Mr. Linky open until midnight on Monday, February 28th. Until then... keep sending me your links! Don't forget to visit the other blogs.  Reading, commenting and promoting others' work is good blogging karma.  If you made it this far... thanks for reading!!

If you want to support my effort but don't have the time to write a post, here's a little four question survey...

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  1. Time for me to see if I have the time to do it before the time runs out. I'll just check the time..

  2. There once was a lady from Bright,
    who could travel many times faster than light.
    She left one day
    in a Relative way,
    and she returned on the previous night.

    (I think that's how it goes.)

  3. @Alejandro - LOL. I think you could turn that idea into a post.. you know, if you have the time. :-)

    @Bryan - That is beautiful! I've never heard it before. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. I know another one about a man from Nantucket. It doesn't have anything to do with time travel though.

  5. I really like the idea and would try to find time to travel in time!

  6. @ Bryan - I believe I know the one about Nantucket too. LOL. :)

    @ yourskinchick - I'm glad you like the idea for the study. I do hope a post from you I will see! :)

  7. This is way, way too fun.
    I'll be sure to write one.

  8. @ azfree - I look forward to reading what you write! I HOPE the time travel theme brings excessive fun and delight. :)

  9. Hi! I am having trouble linking in. Mr. Linky isn't showing up on my computer. :(

    Here is my post, I'll check back to see if I can link in later:

  10. I added you in. :) Sorry it wasn't showing up on your computer. It popped right up on mine. Thanks for participating!

  11. Hi Rachel,

    I have posted my time travel post at my blog and linked your post and mine...I think it all worked! Thanks for the premise, I hope you like what I've done with it...

  12. Thanks for joining in Paul! I loved your post... tweeted and stumbled it. :)

  13. I really want to do this one as I missed the last one, thankfully you've left me enough time :D Cracking idea hunni - love it.

  14. I am writing a post about "the great hypothese" by Slosman. It's for me a travel, 12 000 years ago.
    In other case I travel back in my childhood, the marvels of the nature, in this village of Perigord, Jumilhac Le Grand. It's the paradise for me.

  15. @ SJ - I'm excited to see what you write! :)

    @ Pascal - that sounds very interesting. I do hope you'll link up your post when it is ready. :)

  16. I don't even have time to travel at this time. :)) Sounds like a lotta fun! Looking forward to reading the posts!

  17. Thanks AJ, I'm glad you like the idea! :-)

  18. What a great poem! I love the idea...I think everybody has thought about a time period that has filled them with wonder and imagination that they'd love to travel to and explore! Or a certain historical figure they'd love to ask questions to!

  19. Love the idea and the enthusiasm this post has generated. I don't think I will be doing it but I am quite eager to read what others have expressed.

    Joy always,

  20. Thanks for visiting Ed, Jessica & Susan. Please tell your friends. Remember... all blog post types are welcome as long as they work time travel into the post somehow. :)

  21. Hi mate have written time travel post and hopefuly correctly sent it to the box of widget, included the link and also added your lovely page to blog;)

  22. Awesome. Thanks Baldy! I really enjoyed your post and have already tweeted & stumbled it. :)

  23. Okay Rachel, I did it! It just came together for me. How weird, huh?
    Anyhow, I was going to post it next week but hit that blang publish button before I could stop, and so here it is!
    Will get around to everyone else's post this weekend, I'm still working on Valentine's Love Fest Letters:)

  24. Your poem was great Mary! Thanks for joining the study!!

    P.S. Don't you just love it when you press that publish button on accident. Oops! :o)

  25. I'l try and post on dream travel in time, you know, those dreams that you remember and then you find yourself living through them later, as if in dream state you've looped ahead and touched a future time.
    If I have the time....
    As to the poetry, love it here. Read quite a few.
    About to post up a new poem on my site, travel poetry is a neglected niche these days .

  26. Jim, I would LOVE to read a post like that! I definitely know what you're talking about. The weird thing is, for me, they aren't exactly dreams because they happen while I'm awake. Perhaps they are flashbacks to dreams I can't remember?

  27. I did it :) It took me only a month but I got here in the end oxox

  28. SJ, your poem was WELL worth the wait. Cotton Candy Trees, Mick Jagger, the beach... and, in line rhyme. I loved it!!! :)

  29. I had no idea I was supposed to link anything, I just took all that I could find on the idea and put it into my own little diddy. Thanks for linking an atypical edge to your study.

  30. No problem, Atypical Scott! You linked to me first. I was more than happy to return the favor. :) Your post was a really fun read.

  31. Hey, just checked out the other links I hadn't seen before. Nice stuff. I like the cartoon with the cats. I remember when I was selling my one house and I had to load up my cats and vacate the premises every time someone was coming to look at the place. Needless to say, they didn't like it.

    I also liked Paul Fields' predestination paradox investment scenario, and the poems were certainly interesting. I like how Sarah threw in that Wizard of Oz bit. And I forget which one said that time travel should be restricted to 2 hours in either direction, but they raise a good point. All around good stuff.

    I'm glad everyone got involved in this. When I came up with the idea for Time Travel Month, I was just thinking in terms of my own blog. Thank you for broadening the scope of it and helping it to branch out like this. And of course, thanks to everybody else that's contributed as well. It's been fun.

    (I think this is the point where the music plays, telling me to get off the stage.)


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