Friday, February 18, 2011

Clerihews About Me, For You

These Clerihew poems were written (very quickly... on my lunch break...) for Inside My Poem Book's poetry form challenge.  I highly recommend joining the challenge.  I thought it was really fun!

Olive Louise

Grandma said, "Name her Olive Louise."
Mom said "No thank you" despite her "please".
Every day I thank God I'm not called Ollie Lou.
I think it's a terrible nickname; annoying song too.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

Rhyming Rachel

Radical rhyming Rachel
writes poetry that's playful.
She attempts to report on news that's crazy
in a way that entertains readers who're lazy.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

The Karaoke Queen

The karaoke queen
sings well and isn't mean.
Sometimes when drinking she'll say,
"I'm not bad.  I'm just drawn that way."

© Rachel Hoyt 2011


  1. Seriously? You were gonna be an Olive. Don't tell anyone, but my friend named her kid Olive and we all mock her behind her back. ;)

  2. Yes, seriously. Grandma's name was Olive. Thankfully, my mom didn't like her mom too much. LOL. :)

  3. That's my dog's name...Olive! ;)...But I'm sure it would make a great human name too lol
    Great poems...I really enjoyed reading them :)

  4. LMAO - my favorite is "Rhyming Rachel"...that's awesome!! =) Well done Rachel (as always) =)

  5. @Jessica - LOL. Tell Olive I didn't mean to diss her name. I like the cartoon character named the same. :)

    @Jewell - I'm happy to know you like that one the best! I almost didn't include it, but threw it in with the rest. :)

  6. Nice.All the three clerihew's are equally good.And now I knew the secret about the links on your poem, Rachel: Rhyming on Crazy news around the world,Kudos!

    Glad to meet you on my blog.Keep coming!!

  7. Can I have some more Sir? oops that's Oliver...

    There is nothing like naming a child after something you can eat..

    Cheers A

  8. Put a smile on me this morning. Love all three
    especially 'Radical Rachel'

  9. I wrote one about Lindsay Lohan, but I suppose you already know that.

  10. Lovely poems Rachel! I like the "Rhyming Rachel" poem the best!

  11. @Iwrite4u - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed all three. Thanks for writing the post that taught me. :)

    @Alejandro - Yes, aren't food names for people fun? Cherry, Apple or Berry anyone? :)

    @nene - I'm glad I could make you smile for a while. :)

    @Bryan - I saw and loved your Lindsay Lohan clerihew. It made me want to go write one too.

    @Nelieta - I'm glad you liked your time here reading my rhyme. :)

  12. Your "attempts" are pretty darn good.

  13. Very cute all favorite is Olive Louise....delightful reading...bkm

  14. So amusing! Loved the "annoying song, too":)

  15. What fun all three of these are to read. I identify with each in some way. I'm sure everyone probably does. When I was pregnant we swore we'd name our daughter after both mother's. That would make her Ada Belle Mazelle. Jennifer has always loved her name when she thinks about what it could have been. LOL I'll remember the woman who wasn't bad..she was just drawn that way. LOL Cool!

  16. love these..

    I am thrilled to see you write short or compact pieces.

  17. I enjoyed your Olive Louise
    but Rhyming Rachel aims to please
    with her playful poetry and crazy news
    helping me chase away my winter time blues.

  18. Every time I read your page
    It seems I learn something new that day
    I had never heard of a Clerihew
    Not until I read this one by you.

    Love it.

  19. These are great! LOL.

    Mine could have been Mertyl.

  20. @Doug - Thanks! I call anything an "attempt" which I spent less than an our writing and post immediately. Usually I wait at least 24 hours and read it again if it was whipped together that quickly.

    @bkm @Sherry @Judy - I'm glad you all liked Olive Louise so much. I hope my mom does when she reads it. She knows I'm eternally grateful. :)

    @Jingle - Yes, I decided it was time to try something short. :) It was fun. I am sure I will do it again sometime.

    @Wanda and @ Foxy - Your little poems are so sweet. They make me grin ear to ear. It brings me joy to make you smile with my wacky news and rhymes.

    @thingy - I definitely put Mertyl in the same category as Olive. LOL. Phew! We both escaped!!! :)

  21. divine pieces,
    magical writing...

    Thanks for sharing.


  22. This posting certainly lives up to your blog title. There is no way I could read those without smiling.

  23. Fun stuff. Glad they named you Rachel, although I can think of more rhymes for Louise.

  24. @Jingle - thanks for coming by to read a second time! :)

    @Mike Patrick - I'm glad I lived up to my blog title! It is an important goal for me. :)

    @azfree - True, it's pretty hard to rhyme with Rachel... all the ones that exist are really only "near rhymes"... which is semi disappointing for a big time rhymer... *sigh*

  25. I have never met an olive thats true. But Rachels i know more than two. Not one has been a pain. their frienship but a gain And indeed the same can be said for you.

  26. I love the Jessica Rabbit reference! The little tid bits about you are funny. Thanks for suggestions on my stuff again!

  27. :-D LOL these were precious! Olive them! ;)

  28. @baldychaz - Awwwww, you wrote me a little rhyme too. Now I'm blushing because of you. :)

    @Myown5avior - You're welcome for the comments. I appreciate yours as well! I'm glad you like the Jessica Rabbit reference. Hehe. I really do sing karaoke frequently and actually did pop out that line one night in response to a friend. We were dying laughing for several minutes after that.

    @dragonkatet - I love that you wrote "olive them" because it could be read as "i love them" or "all of them". Awwww. :)

  29. nice one rachel.. and listen! really i just cant do the haiku a day.. its more to schedule but thanks for the invite anyway! my potluck's here:

  30. @fiveloaf - a haiku a day?? That's not me. I prefer to do rhyme you see. :)

  31. Geez, on your lunch break? I could spend a week and not come up with anything remotely as delightful!

  32. Thanks abthomas!! I'm glad you found my lunch time stress releif so delightful. It helped that I have a lot of nicknames to try to rhyme with. I definitely don't write that quickly on a regular basis. :)


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