Saturday, December 28, 2013

What Doesn't Amazon Want to Sell?

Quid Pro Quo
by Rachel Hoyt

image by Stuart Miles via

Addiction comes in many forms.
Some fit the norms of society -
accidentally acquired afflictions
which worm their way in our lives.

Happily blind to the signs -
our minds content to rest,
ignore logic and predictions,
feel blessed that our will thrives.

One day we will realize
we despise our lives -
we are just menial workers
fulfilling another's plan,
not Queens of our hives.

Copyright © 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

at prices and delivery times certain to please.
Once they are able to meet all of our needs,
they will hold the power to make our wallets bleed.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Will Southern California Survive This Chilly Winter?

So. Cal. Chill
by Rachel Hoyt
image by James Barker via
It's so cold I had to dry
my hair completely and then lie
to my boss about why I
was late on this important date.
It's so cold I had to pull
socks on my feet and wished for wool
although I felt like a big fool
wearing white socks with Birkenstocks.
It's so cold I had to change
my sheets to flannel (which felt strange)
and move my bed far out of range
of the chill which spills from my windowsill.
It's so cold I had to heat
up my food so I could eat
and stop the teeth chattering beat
accompanying my mind's whining.
Copyright © 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
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It may feel cold, but we should hear
how silly we sound to certain ears.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bitcoins Aren't Just Taking Over Wallets, They're Innundating the News

Ode to Bitcoins
by Rachel Hoyt
image by idea go via
That thin air chain of golden weight,
That cha-ching we can't hear or feel,
That incognito, tax free bait
with trendy pop appeal -
How big your dreams to change the world,
How grand your plans to keep wealth safe,
How strange your game is tightly twirled
with what makes wallets chafe -
Oh that your roots grow strong and deep,
Oh that your limbs bend with the breeze,
Oh that your leaves fall in a heap
and end this fiscal tease.
Copyright © 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved
Many bitcoin stories inspired me
to write this little ode for thee:
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