Saturday, December 28, 2013

What Doesn't Amazon Want to Sell?

Quid Pro Quo
by Rachel Hoyt

image by Stuart Miles via

Addiction comes in many forms.
Some fit the norms of society -
accidentally acquired afflictions
which worm their way in our lives.

Happily blind to the signs -
our minds content to rest,
ignore logic and predictions,
feel blessed that our will thrives.

One day we will realize
we despise our lives -
we are just menial workers
fulfilling another's plan,
not Queens of our hives.

Copyright © 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

at prices and delivery times certain to please.
Once they are able to meet all of our needs,
they will hold the power to make our wallets bleed.

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  1. This is a very frightening concept really. I would much rather be queen of my own hive....... Hope this does not come to pass.

    1. I too would rather be queen of my own hive... and to me that means I must be careful what businesses I support. Amazon is likely not the only example of this, but I have to wonder why a company would continue to offer me such low prices and speedy service when they aren't making big profits doing it despite the fact they already use robots and many many low paid workers. Scary logic tells me that someday, after they have put enough of their competitors out of business, they will raise prices and seek the profits they delayed.

  2. For some this is too true...but there are always those holdouts, like poets...
    Have a wonderful New Year,


    1. I'm not sure that being one of the few holdouts will help in this case, but I continue to try. Happy New Year!


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