Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Will Southern California Survive This Chilly Winter?

So. Cal. Chill
by Rachel Hoyt
image by James Barker via
It's so cold I had to dry
my hair completely and then lie
to my boss about why I
was late on this important date.
It's so cold I had to pull
socks on my feet and wished for wool
although I felt like a big fool
wearing white socks with Birkenstocks.
It's so cold I had to change
my sheets to flannel (which felt strange)
and move my bed far out of range
of the chill which spills from my windowsill.
It's so cold I had to heat
up my food so I could eat
and stop the teeth chattering beat
accompanying my mind's whining.
Copyright © 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
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It may feel cold, but we should hear
how silly we sound to certain ears.



  1. ha. welcome to is sleeting and freezing rain here...out in it it will def give you a i def understand how that might be weird for socal...but hey you are feeling my pain now...ha

    1. Without the chill I would hardly realize it is winter! :P I laughed pretty hard this week realizing I was wearing almost as many layers here in SoCal as I did last winter in Switzerland.

  2. Hmmm, I'll take this in the spirit I hope it was intended, as we're digging ourselves out of snow drifts here in N.E. Ohio.

    In other words, I'll be weeping copious tears for your plight.

    1. Don't shed any tears for me, LOL. :) Hope you get to enjoy the snow's beauty more than it inconveniences your life.

  3. Hi Rachel, I have the same issue in South Florida--if its gets into the sixties we're pulling on sweaters and jackets--pretty pathetic. If it drops below that, well, the woolies come out ;-) Very fun poem!

    1. We adjust to the temps where we live... :)

      Thanks for visiting SaraV!

  4. It's been freezing here in Vegas too!
    I'm sick of the winter, what about you?

    1. I actually wish I could've visited somewhere that has a real winter... With snow... Like I did last year. :)

  5. Winter here in Wisconsin is snow and cold. Today's morning temp was -8°. Yes, that is a minus before the eight. I almost left this morning with just a hoodie on, but opted for a jacket as I do not want to get sick.

    Tomorrow it'll be back in the 20's. Hoodie weather again!

    1. Wow. You certainly sound well adjusted to the cold. 20's is hoodie weather? Are you sure your mom wouldn't have told you to put on a jacket? :P


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