Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patrick Limerick

by Rachel Hoyt

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There once was a man named Saccat,
who wandered 'round Ireland and taught.
Good things come from God.
Naughty pirates rob.
Listen to St. Patrick we ought.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

This limerick is the first of seven I will post to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Click the little St. Patrick link above to learn a bit of history about the man of honor and why in the world I would choose a pirate's flag as the image for this rhyme!  Click here to read the next Limerick in the series.

This poem is being shared in the Poetry Pantry.  Come on over for more beautiful poetry to read. 
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  1. :)May the love and protection St. Patrick can give - Be yours in abundance as long as you live.
    I didn't write this :)

  2. @Jessica - that's a beautiful quote. :)

    @Kim - thanks! I just thought I'd try to write something less known about him.

  3. So much fun, can't wait for the rest!!

  4. Wonderful Limerick!

    I always admire your poems .As a token of appreciation I have awarded you :

    You deserve the Best!

  5. Rachel is always ahead of the game... love the limerick and look forward to the rest! And I'll be sure to check out the poetry site you mention.

  6. I like the fact that the patron saint of Ireland was born in England :)

  7. Fun verse! Good luck with your ambitious limerick plans!

  8. @Debbie - Thanks! I've just finished writing the rest. Please let me know which one you like best. :)

    @Uma - thanks so much for the award! You're so sweet. I'm glad you think my rhymes are clever and neat. :)

    @Debra - Well, I don't know about ALWAYS ahead of the game, but I do try to plan timely themed rhymes just the same. :)

    @Doug - I thought that was quite funny too! Happy (early) St. Patrick's Day to you. :)

    @Madeline - I've just finished writing the 7th limerick. :) I'm sure I'll be back over to participate in your limerick-off soon! They are fun. :)

  9. Rachel, fun limerick! Had a giggle:)

  10. now you have me wondering about the pronunciation of Saccat?! LOL

  11. are my thoughts on St. Brigit. :)

    Irish mythology labeled her as a mystic
    but her lifesyle sounded more ritualistic,
    with her birthing and marriage to St. Patrick
    then sacrificing him like a hat trick
    maybe they should have labeled her as sadistic!

  12. Darn, I put this comment on the wrong limerick, sorry about that!

  13. @Mary - I'm glad you got a giggle. Giggling is good! :)

    @Jinksy - Now you have ME wondering about the pronunciation of Saccat?! Hopefully I rhymed it right. LOL.

    @Wanda - Your rhyming comment is awesome no matter which limerick post it was left on. Perhaps it will prompt others to read the next one before they move on. :)

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