Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Brigit Limerick

by Rachel Hoyt

               Image by luigi diamanti via

St. Brigit, the Queen of Heaven, knew dear old St. Patrick.
They say she birthed, married and murdered him like a hat trick.
How could she possibly do all three?
Just what is her place in history?
She sounds like neither a kind Celtic Saint nor a Catholic.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.
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  1. I commented on this limerick, but I mistakenly posted it to the St. Patrick limerick. OOPs

  2. My guess is that she married him....when you marry someone, it often feels like you've birthed them as well, and it sure has hell can be tempting to murder them at times ;)

  3. Mary of the Gael was alright even if she was Irish... oops!


  4. @Wanda - That works for me... now I get more comments telling me where to find the good rhyming comments. :) Anyone reading this... you should click a bunch of links until you find Wanda's other comment on my St. Patrick Limerick. It was a good one. :)

    @KD - HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are so right. :)

    @Alejandro - Hehe. At least someone mentioned on my blog during St. Patrick's week ought to be Irish. :)

  5. Just sounds like a sour man to me :D I bet she had the patience of a saint, rebirthed him from his drunken state, became his good women before he finally drove her to insanity.

  6. @ SJ - Hehe. I think that theory about Brigit is catching on. She really DID do the hat trick! :)


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