Sunday, March 6, 2011

Smiley Sociology "You're Worth a Million Bucks" Awards

Approximately a month ago, I opened the Smiley Sociology Study on time travel.
I decided to team up with some blog friends not knowing what would unravel.
The result was a fantastic voyage through words, dreams, laughs and squeams.

As the month went on, I began to worry... how will I ever be able to summarize?
What if my "research" concludes nothing no matter how much I analyze?
The posts were uniquely great so I'm challenged in reaching sociological conclusions,
so... awards now and come back soon for the "response rhyme" with link inclusions.

Bryan at Nuclear Headache deserves this award times ten for starting the theme.
He enlightened me about time travel all month long in ways I couldn't have foreseen.
I was most blown away by the time, he wrote his entire post in intellectual rhyme.

Doug at I Like Cheese rivaled Bryan's entire month of post topics blindly.
Knowing only the post titles, he researched what he could mindfully.
I loved his lesson on John Titor.  If I had to rate it, it'd get a high score.

SJ at Almost There wrote an amazing rhyme that swept me into a beautiful dreamland.
'Twas the first time I've fallen into a swirl and thrown into a mystic whirl by her hand.
Mary (the non-poet) gave poetry a try and wrote a splendid piece pondering the why.
She concluded life was perfect as is.  On the purpose of this life journey she'll rely.

Paul at One Eye on the Rear View Mirror went to 1974 for fun and to invest.
I agree with him that, if going back for a rock concert, the 70's would be the best.
Azfree took us far beyond her window and left me dreaming of the future.
Leaving the past behind through this port of call for a better life rumor.

Ignoring the rantings of the bald man, we all traveled more than 2 hours away.
Baldychaz says going any farther would mess things up in a very, very bad way.
Last but not least, I hope Atypical Scott didn't get cancerous tumors on is melon.
For me, sharing time travel month with all of you was like gellin' with Magellan.

I wish I could give you a real million dollars, but you're stuck with this digital bill.
Reading your posts, for me, is like popping a magical creative juice pill.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

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  1. YAY! Nice work, lovely girl!

  2. Time travel month was fun, and I love your summary of it.

    Now I have to figure out what kind of animal I am.

  3. Love the way you've done this. Coming here just gets better and better every time x

  4. I also wish the million was real,
    but I'll happily settle for this digital deal.


  5. I'm glad you all like my awards presentation. SJ, your "better and better every time" comment brings me elation. :)

  6. if going back for a rock concert, the 70's would be the best!!

    :D Loved it!

  7. Rachael,

    Thanks for the fun theme and thanks for the nod! I'll catch you backstage at the show of your choice, circa 1970s...

  8. Thanks for the kudos you fine lady you. Study a success ;)

  9. And to think this is about travel and you forget to mention me...
    I feel jealousy inside and I'm not in glee...
    I wish to win the award too one day you'll see...
    You would love what I'm doing and share it to everybody...
    AHAHAHAHA! Happy smiley!

  10. Loved it! You are always so witty with your prose...I love coming here :)

  11. Warm up the time machine, Paul... Me & Sarath are ready for a rock concert! :) I'm having a hard time choosing who... but as I said that, Strawberry Letter 23 popped into my head, so perhaps we should go hear The Brothers Johnson. Originally I was thinking Janis or the Doors.

  12. @baldychaz - You're welcome for the kudos. :)

    @jorie & jessica - I'm glad you enjoy coming here. I hope to have a smiley sociology topic that will entice you to participate someday. :) Remember, no poetry required, just a post on the chosen topic.

  13. Awww, this was so cool!
    Did you know that you rule?
    Thank you for taking the time!
    You made me smile a rhyme!

  14. Taking a moment to say thanks,
    not sure how my melon ranks, but it was all worth it for a little smirk, if not a smile. Thanks for mentioning me, this alone makes it worthwhile.

  15. @azfree and atypical scott - THANKS! Your rhymes made ME smile. :) :) :)


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