Friday, March 25, 2011

An Awards Thank You Long Overdue

I've been a bit lax on posting thanks for some awards,
but wish now to show they strummed my heart string chords.
I did have them all listed on a separate shiny page,
but blogger glitched and deleted it all when I said save.
Thankfully I had already made myself a little paper list.
If I didn't at least have that I would really be pissed!
You see, you all have really flattered me too much
and my memory has trouble with names and such.
So, finally, here's my long overdue THANK YOU.
Each of you have blogs I truly enjoy reading too.

Lolamouse, your LOL award was incredibly sweet!
I enjoy both your blogs. The range of writing is neat.

Bryan, I look forward to seeing your new blog's style.
The receipt of your stylish award gave me a big smile.

Mary, I thank you for seconding Bryan's nomination.
FYI: The deja vu version brought just as much elation.

I doubt I'll ever forget the day my bloggy friend Doug said,
"Your Blog Doesn't Suck" and Be More Gay should be read.

I also got two awesome awards for my fine versatility
from Louise's World of Art and another poet friend, A.B.

Most of the above awards were accepted on the condition
that I reveal a few things about my history and disposition.

So, I've decided to finally follow this rule too.
Here's some silly random facts about me, for you!

(1) In high school I "lettered" in badminton and choir;
not exactly the activities that boost popularity higher.

(2) I rarely start the day without drinking coffee...
to avoid that caffeine headache which is really nasty!

(3) I am a participant in the pastime known as hashing.
I find the exercise adventure fulfilling and relaxing.

(4) As far as formal education goes, I'm poetically untrained.
One day grandma's rhyme gene kicked in. Now it can't be restrained.

(5) I sing in the shower a little but in the car even more.
For me, karaoke is not a drunken party chore.

(6) I have a fraternal twin and our middle names rhyme.
Don't think mom knew she'd birthed a rhymer at the time.

(7) I love to cook, but often eat chips, salsa and cheese for dinner.
When time is short, for me, that meal is a frequent winner.

So, there you go... seven fun facts about me.
Now who to pass these on to, let me see...

The Stylish Blogger and Versatile Blogger awards above,
are hereby given in tandem to the following blogs, with love.

To Bubba, for inventing a new poem form, the Frost on a whim.

To Pamanner's Blog for her poem Pitch which deserves more than a skim.

To this Limerick Called Life for "When the scissors come home to roost."

To The Fickle Forgettery for giving me what her page stats deserve: a boost.

To Tao of Anxiety for teaching great ways to maintain your smile.

To AZFree, who sadly, hasn't been on line in a little while.

To the bald man whose ranting rambles are smart and funny.

To Patricia Lynn - hope you find a publisher that wants to show u da money!

That's my rule breaking for the day: two awards each instead of one
and just maybe I'll hand out the others some future day... just for fun.
Thanks again for all the awards!  Your encouragement means a lot.
At the moment I feel like I've been hugged by every fan I've got!

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

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  1. what a tremendous bunch of talented souls .. thanks

  2. Brilliant! You deserve them as do the others. Now park that orbiting planet upon your shoulders. :)


  3. Congratulatons Rachel! Love... "As far as formal education goes, I'm poetically untrained.
    One day grandma's rhyme gene kicked in. Now it can't be restrained."
    Go girl!

  4. Congratulations Rachel! You deserve those awards and so are the others you chose.... Let us cheers to your achievement!!! :)

  5. Congratulations for the acknowledgements and awards. Well deserved and I do hope you continue to bring smiles to many.

  6. Congratulations Rachel! Well deserved and keep on rhyming! You are very talented!!!

  7. Rachel,
    Congrats on all of your awards! You deserve them! Keep rhyming!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS.....I love your rhymes..and Jealous...I admit it ok??? LOLOL.....As always...XOXOXO

  9. Thank you everyone! It's a bit overhelming actually. I don't want any more awards for a while, ok? LOL. xoxo

  10. Thanks for the award! That's two I've received from people this week. I feel popular and special. ^^

  11. I had fun reading this post! I love every blog you mentioned and yours is great definitely deserve every award you've received. It's great seeing other bloggers encourage one another :)

  12. If you'll recall, I recommended that award be used as a hat.

  13. Thanks again everyone. I'm glad you liked the presentation! :)

    And... a hat Bryan? a hat?

  14. Congrats on both and well done on the acceptance! I also have to say thank you on linking the explanation of hashing - I thought perhaps it was similar to my associate, Dr. Phal's, pasttime which is spelt the same - though without the "ing"! I look forward to seeing where your expansive creativity leads to next!

  15. Hehe. AB, that is precisely why I included the link. :) I am quite familiar with the need for immediate explanation on "hashing". P.S. There are hashing groups everywhere. You should try it! :)

  16. Thank you very much! Thanks for telling me about it, too. Better late than never to bring a smile to my face on a cloudy day =)


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