Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stylish Irish Limerick

Stylish Irish Limerick
by Rachel Hoyt

If you are regretting pretending you're Irish,
planning next year to drink less and be more stylish.
You may enjoy this how to video
on making true St. Patrick's Day pride show.
Good news: you won't have to eat that cabbage side dish!

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.


  1. I afraid I didn't toast the Irish saint.
    I didn't cover my face in bright green paint.
    As far as the blarney stone,
    I left the darn thing alone.
    For being half-Irish I showed considerable restraint.

  2. Hehehe Bryan. Nice Limerick! I was pretty mellow this year myself. :) I did venture out Tuesday for the St. Hashy's Day Hash (a running/walking and drinking event) and will cook some corned beef this weekend, but no Irish Car Bombs or green beer for me. :)

  3. A limerick a day
    Is better for me
    I get them
    Don't you see


  4. The thought of Ireland makes me ill...long story..some day I'll tell....As always..XOXOXO

  5. One reason why I miss NY this year. One can only be Irish, if not truly Irish only on St. Pete's day and in NY. This one brought a hint of nostalgia :(

  6. @A - Glad you liked the limerick a day. There will be more someday soon, ok? :)

    @Bongo - It makes me sad you have bad memories of Ireland. So much beaut and so many nice people there. :(

    @lynnaima - I love that my limerick could make anyone nostalgic! Happy St. Patrick's Day (belated). :)

  7. Rachel - This is so funny! I'm Indian but I feel Irish ;)


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