Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have Some Fun Under the New Zealand Sun

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Crazy Christchurch chaos has caused some timid travelers' trips to get paused.
I understand that they had planned to rest on the sand, not lend a hand,
but the rest of New Zealand, as I hear it, has definitely not lost that Kiwi spirit.
In NZ, all around, wacky antics abound.  In many a town, fun festivals surround.

Have you ever tossed a rubber boot 'cuz you lost the other while sloshed?
What if you could play a game based on the same activity yet less tame?
Tossing a Gumboot might be a real hoot.  Luckily the festival's not kaput.
Even if that was so, there's still a place you can go year round to throw.

Maybe you're too cool to toss boots like a fool because you went to art school?
Perhaps the world of wearable art is where you should start to wacky your heart.
Described as "mardi gras meets haute couture" it's not for the stylishly demure.
Exciting shows to ease your fashion woes and inspire beauty pure as a rose.

If you're feeling frisky, like being risky, the Wildfoods Festival is totally a must see.
They use stuff like bugs and grubs to make lookalike food which nobody snubs.
It's a great way to be able to say to the grand kids some day that you once ate larvae.
I, myself, have yet to savor such a unique flavor, but perhaps my cravings will waver.

I think that for me something more chocolaty would be much more yummy.
So someday I'll stroll over to see the Jaffa Roll.  It's my newest travel goal.
Down Baldwin Street, the world's most steep, Cadbury eggs roll faster than feet.
What simple fun, a race without the run!  I hope my egg is the winning one.

I hope smiles have quivered and that you'll consider the fun New Zealand can deliver.
Chances are if you're here, you like wackiness to appear 'cuz like happiness, it's dear.
Life's short.  Don't abort your travel dollar support due to a few scary news reports.
Go have some fun under the sun.  Blog4NZ's here to say travel season has begun!

© Rachel Hoyt.  All rights reserved.

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  1. i already wanted to visit New Zealand and now? wah. thanks.

  2. Brilliant and definitely a unique post to endorse New Zealand... You made me want to go there now! Your creativity is remarkable Rachel...:)) Cheers to that!

  3. @Marian - Wah for me too. I just wanted to show support however I could for a country recently damaged by mother nature and in need of travel dollar support. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to go there now either. :(

    @Jorie - Thanks! Your Blog4NZ post was great as well. I hope it brings the results they were hoping to produce for New Zealand. :)

  4. Cool poem of support, Rachel. Such a beautiful country. Well done!

  5. What a wonderful mixture of words all put together, describing what seems to be a beautiful place to visit. Ahh, only in my dreams :(

  6. it seems like a lovely place to visit.

    awesome work.
    keep it up.
    Bless you.

  7. Beautifully done Rachel, NZ should be proud to have you..


  8. That was simply wonderful lady of rhyme. It all sounds like a jolly good time. A passport i must own. To travel free and roam.

  9. You did an awesome job, love your rhyming words which make the journey even more special :)

  10. Ahh that NZ Spirit.
    Without it we'd be livid.
    For they are so strong.
    When the days are so long.
    But may they not forget,
    They're mate to their left
    The Anzacs will lift
    What's been sent a-drift.
    So from one poet to another.
    A bruvva from a nudda muvva ;-)
    Keep up the good work.
    And you blog I shall lurk!

    - tork

  11. You made this such fun. lovely

  12. bugs or chocolate eggs?? I'd be snitching some chocolate ;-)

  13. So when are we planning a trip where you are the guide?

  14. @Mary - I say it's better to go there in your dreams to never have traveled at all. :)

    @Jingle - Thanks for your kind words and blessings. Always lovely to have you stop by.

    @Alejandro - Thanks! I'm happy to go grace NZ with my presence anytime they want to spring for the trip. :)

    @Baldychaz - PASSPORT! Yes, must renew passport. Thanks for the reminder! :)

    @SJ - So glad you feel my rhymes make the story more special. I think it gives the NZ wackiness the perfect extra flare. :)

    @Torkana - Whazzup my bruvva from a nudda muvva? So nice of you to come ovah. :) (LOVED your rhyming comment!)

    @Louise - Thank you! I thank the New Zealanders for giving me such awesome wacky festivals to write about! :)

    @Pamela - I totally agree. No bugs for me even if it does look like sushi! Well, maybe...

    @YogaSavy - Perhaps a NZ tour company wants to donate a big prize to Blogplicity and we can all go! Woo hoo!! :)

  15. WOW! I bet it's beautiful. Now I'm hungry... Great write especially when I can taste your words.


    Thank You!

  16. Well done. The human spirit is amazingly resilent.

    Kudos to the people of New Zealand.

    A visit sounds most tempting.

    Nice contribution to Potluck. Thank you!

  17. rhyming title,
    thanks for the pleasant treat.


  18. good writing my friend.. here's mine..

  19. I would LOVE to visit NZ!

  20. UGH i have wanted to go visit ever since I was a child and i saw the Lord of the Rings movies!! :D
    otherwise, nice piece, loved the imagery. could many anyone wanna come for a vacation

  21. Sounds like Fun. I've thrown a lot of things around, but I'd skip the larvae as well. smiles..

  22. @Farfalla Dreams - I like the idea of someone tasting my words! Did they taste like chicken? :)

    @Jaime - I agree re: the resilience of the human spirit and hope you WILL take that trip! :)

    @Jingle - Glad you liked the rhyming title. :)

    @fiveloaf and @liv2write2day - I'm glad you liked it! I'll be over to visit your blogs again soon. :)

    @belladonna23 - Awwww, sorry it was a teaser for you... it is for me too if that makes you feel any better. :)

    @booguloo - Yeah, I'm pretty adventurous with my food, but am not sure I could swallow larvae. Eeeewwww...

  23. What a fun romp this poem was! I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Have always wanted to see NZ since the LoTR Trilogy. Kudos to you for being an activist for them!


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