Sunday, March 27, 2011

Perpetual Grinning

There once was a poet who kept winning
awards which perpetuated her grinning.
Laugh lines the only drawback
other than a happiness attack.
Blogging's brought her glee since the beginning.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me for the Perfect Poet Award in Poet's Rally Week #40. 


  1. Grinning as I'm reading this - happy for you! Congratulations, Rachel! Well done!

  2. Speaking of limericks, did that one get deleted with that page you lost?

    Luckily I have a mind like steel trap, or maybe more like a grease trap. At any rate, I remember how it goes.

  3. Suddenly everything's all flowery and magic marker looking.

  4. This had me grinning :D
    And, I love the appearance of your blog :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I JUST redesigned the page... thanks for rewarding my hard work with praise re: the appearance. :)

    Bryan, your limerick was in the page that got deleted, but you will see it is now nestled in the new sidebar with a link to your profile. :) I just noticed the spacing still isn't quite right though... ill fix it.

  6. Congrats Rachel you winner you!
    Only one thing and it probably just me, but I find it more difficult to read this script... need new glasses methinks.


  7. Thanks for the honest feedback, A! I was flip flopping about that font. Me thinks this rounder one is a wee bit easier on the eyes.

    @fiveloaf - Thanks! I love it when my fellow poets vote me an award. :)

  8. Even your acceptance speech is perfect! Congratulations! :)

  9. awesome job...
    perfect acceptance.

  10. Awwww, thanks bendedspoon & Jingle! I'm glad you like my acceptance limerick. :)


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