Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leprochaun Limerick

by Rachel Hoyt

                    Image courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net

I've always wanted to befriend a leprochaun;
a mystical friend to party with until dawn.
We'd search for rainbows together,
find gold in the rainy weather,
and ensure no four leaf clovers get stepped on.

© Rachel Hoyt.  2011 All rights reserved.

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  1. I wouldn't mind drinking some guiness with a leprochaun while listening to some Flogging Molly! Great poem :)

  2. Plus he'd probably share his Lucky Charms with you :)

  3. Happy St. Patrick's to you! And I can totally see you as a social worker-you seem so kind!

  4. If I find a leprochaun in my neck of the woods, I'll send him your way! ;D

  5. @Jessica M - Hehe. That is a very fun image as well! :)

    @Doug - Mmmmmm, Lucky Charms. :)

    @Lolamouse - Awwww, thanks! Social work wasn't for me as a lifetime career, but I still try to apply the principles to life. :)

    @Wanda - Awesome! Leprochaun Watch 2011. Perhaps I should issue a press release! :)

  6. ha. fun verse...had a friend in HS that would find 4 leaf clovers just walking through the yard...

  7. Tomorrow's the day...green, green everywhere...and your poem's a fine start for kicking off the mood!

  8. My leprochaun says he'll come say hi next time he rides the rainbow and if you're good he'll bring you some Crunchy Nuts !

  9. @Brian - are you sure your HS friend wasn't a leprochaun? LOL. That would be really cool to find four leaf clovers so often. :)

    @Chris - So glad you liked it! I'm celebrating all week to make sure everyone gets in the green mood. I like green and love Ireland. :)

    @SJ - Woooo hooooo!!! A pot of crunchy nuts MUST have similar value to a pot of gold. :) I'll be watching for the leprochaun sliding down the rainbow...

  10. Thanks for the smile! hard to come by in the poetic blogosphere these days. Vb

  11. Dear Rachel

    Very soft and interesting. I liked it. thanks for sharing..

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be… pray for People of Japan
    Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  12. teeheehee...how sweet, Rachel!! Umm..will ya take me with you?! :) I'll make the maps! ;-)

  13. @versebender - Thanks! Yes, I wish more people would write cheery silly poetry. The serious stuff is great, but hard for me to read some days.

    @Shashi - Good to see you as always. I'm glad you enjoyed the rhyme. I will look for you on twitter! I'm not sure if we are already connected or not. :)

    @Kavita - I would LOVE to go on a leprochaun search with you. How soon can you meet up?! Teehehehe. :)

  14. I wouldn't say no to finding a few rainbows - with or with out the pots of gold!

  15. Ilove your poem and I love what you write about the blog... I loved those turtles!

    All the best,

  16. Upsides with Dr.Seuss any day. I do believe he was much more use to children than the acres of crap publlshed in the guise of Educational Theory and Child
    Pyschology, which benefit careerists in those subjects much more then they benefit the kiddywinks.

  17. Thanks for visiting Cynthia, Jinksy, Maryl & Lucy! So glad you enjoyed yourselves. I bet we'd have fun hunting for rainbows together too. :)

  18. perfect fit...

    your words ring great!


  19. perfect fit...

    your words ring great!


  20. Lol...I dunno...I always heard that green beer was leprechaun pee! :O


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