Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Evolution of the Sandwich

The 4th Earl of Sandwich was the kind of man I admire -
stopping poker for dinner lit his temper on fire.
And so he invented a most tasty dish,
meat between bread sounded totally delish.

From that day on eating didn't interfere with his fun -
he kept his cards in the left hand, food in the right one.
I'm guessing the Earl fell in love at first bite,
and committed to eating them every single night.

These days sandwiches are revered for their size and/or flavor,
and reality TV chefs tell us where and what we should savor.
As a food channel watching, online poker playing girl,
I can't help but feel sad - we've let down the Earl.

The sandwich is now difficult to eat with one hand,
because "bigger is better" is what's in demand.
Piled high with meat, cheese, veggies and sauce,
our gambling is interrupted; the sandwich is boss.

The sandwich has been evolving for nearly three hundred years,
and many no longer gamble due to addictions and fears.
The original meat & bread concoction to me sounds quite plain,
and I feel that during poker, tasty food fuels my brain.

The Earl of Sandwich didn't experience today's online poker gurus,
who play in pajamas, watching tv, with no t-shirt or shoes.
Spilling on our computers is just a risk we must take,
nearly every time we eat while the game's not on break.

© Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Links to the you tube videos that helped inspire this poem:

The Sandwich Song

This poem is being shared for Poetry Potluck's 25 week aniversary.
I thought my readers might enjoy seeing one of the original posts from me.


  1. what a kind mention of week 25..

    smart poetry, well done..


  2. Genius! Absolutely.

  3. Lots of info here, but really, you just made me very, very hungry!

  4. This was fun to read...lovely flow.

  5. Stellar as always...:) Well done!

  6. The Earl wanted more than cheese,
    "Give me bread and ham, please,"
    The way he combined them was slick,
    But the main thing was being quick,
    "I have to pay attention, be alert,
    I've already lost shoes and shirt,"
    He became the first sandwich fan,
    The Earl wanted not to show more man.
    Loved your version.

  7. Fun and well-crafted.

  8. The sandwich saga has come full circle...this was very clever. vb

  9. such fun my friend.. thank you for this! my late potluck haha- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/nectar-from-heaven/

  10. Thank you everyone for visiting! I'm glad you like my sandwich story. :)

    @dan roberson - Loved your rhyming response! The slick & quick lines are my favorite. :)

  11. Great write! And though I know it's only about a sandwich, my man sense truly appreciates anything where a woman clearly states that bigger isn't necessarily better...

  12. @abthomas - I laughed my ass off when I got your comment in my email earlier today. :) I'm glad to know there's a second, unintended, subtle, but good message to my rhyme. Hehe.


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