Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Mood Ring Game

No matter how generously compensated, high profile, or intriguing a job may be,
nearly all of us (at sometime) could use a little pick me up... a bit of fun for free?

I know I've wished for added perks more than once or twice,
when the company couldn't afford to do anything nice.

Then one day I came across my old mood ring,
and to my thoughtsickles, an idea it did bring.

Tomorrow at work, with my mood ring adorned pinky finger... I'll play a game,
perhaps a little harmless prank on my co-workers will make the day feel less lame.

If the ring turns black or gray I'll stutter or twitch,
when amber, I'll wiggle in my seat, like I have an itch.

Then, when green and blue hues appear,
I'll be normal again towards those who are near.

If more the mood ring should possess two rings of opposing color at one time,
then I'll have to perform at least part of my conversation - in pantomime.

Sure, people might start to think that I'm crazy,
but I'll make sure they don't think I'm lazy.

I just want to see what their faces will do,
when the ring is no longer green or blue.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011


  1. Lovely fun poem, I like the wiggling idea, quite embarassing!


  2. Such a cool idea and presentation! Thanks for the read!

  3. So fun, Rachel. Those were fun and I love your ideas. Welcome to potluck

  4. This is hilarious! Can you do it and write a post recounting how your co-workers react? Hmm, makes me wanna buy a mood ring and play this prank on my co-workers, too. (I'd probably get demoted...teehee.) Really enjoyed reading this! :)

  5. This is a fun read .. and now I wish i had kept my old mood rings!

  6. Thanks to everyone who came from Jingle Poetry to read my rhyme. Kind comments like yours make me smile every time. :o)

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