Tuesday, July 6, 2010

E.T.'s 4th of July Celebration

July 5, 2010, ET phoned earth,
to determine what his prank was worth.
He was a bit bored this independence day,
and decided Santa Barbara was the place he should play.
So he hopped aboard his space craft,
headed toward the beach as he laughed…

You see, ET had specific plans for his vacation from space…
He’d devised a plan to rearrange furniture at his friend’s place.
To the 4th of July BBQ he planned to arrive late…
If the front door was locked, he’d use the back gate.
While his friends watched the fireworks display,
he'd wander around their house and play.

His idea came to fruition exactly as planned,
including Captain America taking his last stand.
The door was open, the roommates were gone…
it was possible they wouldn’t notice the prank until dawn.
But really ET did not know what time his friends would show,
since there were so many other fun places they could go.

Since technically they could be coming straight back home,
he moved couches & beer bottles… then to the bedrooms he did roam.
Finding Captain America on a bookshelf was the icing on the cake,
It was exactly the type of momento he wanted to take.
So after moving the beer cooler out near the TV,
and setting up hidden cameras to watch the “punk’d” show for free…

“Stealing” two twelve packs of beer,
he drove the spaceship back out to the clear,
and waited ‘til morning to hear…
if they’d noticed his redecorating spree.

Sure enough, it was more than 24 hours,
‘til his friend “smelled the flowers”
noticed the random beer towers,
and laughed with pure, unadulterated glee.

When E.T. called to hear their reaction,
he felt extremely full with satisfaction,
and looked forward to retaliation action,
his friends said there would be.

After all, the'd have to travel quite far,
to somewhere inacceccible by car,
or wait 'til the next time he came to the bar,
in order to prank him back for free.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

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