Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wacky Savings

In this day and age, it takes more than dumb luck,
to find ways to save yourself buck after buck.
So I've compiled a fun list of the less known ways,
the unique folks are using to save money these days.
True, each one has at least one drawback,
but often to save, we must choose also to lack.

Almost Frugal suggests we utilize public restrooms more,
i.e. before leaving work or heading home from the store.
The lessened water & T.P. usage could make a small dent,
in the cash required to pay household expenses and rent.
Sure, you may have to brave public exposure and germ fears,
but could it get you that trip you've dreamed of for years?

"Hide your credit cards." is tip #25 on Simple Dollar's website...
now there's an idea I can twist around with delight!!!
I imagine this turning into an adult hide & seek adventure,
for two victims of burdensome credit card indenture.
Each helps the other resist the urge to swipe plastic,
by hiding the other's card somewhere sneakily drastic.

Frugal Living collected a list from the "Festival of Frugality",
but it's hard to imagine any becoming common in reality.
Try buying two ply TP and separating each sheet?
It's likely the extra labor would be the savings' defeat.
If not that, there's the even bigger risk you must take,
many avoid single ply so their hind side won't chafe.

But, hands down, Telegraph.co.uk's list is the most bizarre...
even amongst Brits I doubt these suggestions would go far.
Only a select few would be willing to harvest road kill,
just to save a buck while getting their protein fill.
And deliberately raising your blood pressure to warm up,
seems as insane as cutting grocery costs by killing your pup.

I'm sure most of us would choose a method more tame,
like cutting coupons, even if it is considered lame.
I merely want to show here that traditional methods aren't required,
you simply need an expense to give up which your savings inspired.
So I challenge you now to sit down and think it through...
To save for your dreams, just what will you do?

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011


  1. I imagine this turning into an adult hide & seek adventure,
    for two victims of burdensome credit card indenture. <-----Haha, I enjoyed this piece.


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