Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Record Breakers

This “youngest person to sail around the world” competition,
got me thinking about some people's drive and ambition.
Where does the quest for record breaking come from?
Do you hear it in your heart like the beat of a drum?
Some people feel a stronger competitive vibe.
They’ll risk a lot just to feel more alive.
But not everyone can be a world famous athlete,
a political trendsetter, or even a mathlete.
So… There are people willing to do anything weird;
from talking the fastest to growing the longest beard.
In Northampton they recently had a wacky record breaking event-
people balancing bricks and eating cockroaches in the same tent?!
The Brits lost a little something to the Aussies,
'cuz they gathered all the costumed heroes and their possy’s.
In Ohio, 110 dance students joined their teacher’s big day,
and became newest title holder for most bridesmaids, they say.
Two Austrailian chefs hope to steal the legend of a man,
who made the biggest burger ever, in Michigan.
On TV, Adam Richmand faces crazy challenges of food,
showing America the life of a taste loving dude.
People everywhere are giving worth to their name,
by winning an adult sized childish game.
But why not get out and have a piece of the action?
Perhaps your special talent can bring satisfaction.
For I truly believe a childlike spirit will help you live long,
and even wacky records endure, like the king of ping pong. 

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011
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