Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chitter Chatter on Early Employment

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Individuals inherit identities in innocent imitation
earning early employers' esteem via emulation.
Employment ethics ingrained everyday everywhere
instigate idiosyncrasies into infant workers who care.

The minutia my mannerisms mimicked and mastered,
when waitressing weekends watching after the ill mannered...
monitoring moods, menus, meals, money and myself,
wondering when wonderfulness was thrown from the shelf...
resulted in rave reviews regarding responsibilities
and remain resourceful reflexes 'round work randomly.

Cheeky customers who cherished chitter chatter
brought banter befit for the beloved Mad Hatter.
Counting up chump change careless kids called courteous
blossomed belief benevolence beats behaving bogus.

I learned mountains from molehills meddle with your mood.
I realized that ridiculous reasons can make people real rude.
I memorized many mouthfuls of menu mumbo jumbo
until restaurants ruined my restfulness and I felt like Rambo.
I had to turn the tables - become a customer - live life tip free.
Now for those who serve me, I tip for all they put up with, with glee.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

This poem was written for
the Sharing is Caring event at Almost There.

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  1. My brain's in a knot from reading this in my head.
    So much alliteration about younger you earning some bread.

  2. LOL Bryan. Nice rhyming response. :)

  3. Rachel, nothing like waitressing once upon a time to turn you into a more generous tipper. Been there done that too - and never want to return - no not ever:) Fun poem - with lots of awesome amazing alliteration!

  4. I like that you turned it around to how you repay everything that you put up with. I hear that, I do exacty the same - when you've been there you totally get what they go through :D

  5. Debra, SJ... you gals obviously get it too. Thanks for visiting! :)

  6. Been there, done that (for too long...). Love the poem and the incorporation of turning the tables in life.

  7. This is such a clever poem. I can relate about having the tables turned.

  8. Thank you Mary & Romina. I guess a lot of us have been there, done that & turned the tables, eh? :)

  9. Fun poem! and great analogy to life. I think most of us have been there and back....

  10. Thanks YogaSavy! I do think many of us have been there. Which begs the question... how are there still so many bad tippers in the world? :)

  11. ridiculous reasons can make people real rude

    Usually when someone had meddled with their mood! LOL

  12. So true Jinksy! Wonder how often that mood meddler was me?! :-)

  13. Love this part:
    I learned mountains from molehills meddle with your mood.
    I realized that ridiculous reasons can make people real rude.

    So true! I worked through college as a waitress and now I always overtip my servers.

  14. I love alliteration!! Your stuff is awesome! Come check out mine I would love to get input!

  15. @ Letters from Home - Thanks for telling me your favorite part! Knowing favorite lines of others gives me happy heart. :)

    @Myown5avior - Alliteration is tough but I just LOVE to write that way! I will definitely come check out your writing sometime today. :)


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