Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Craving the Crow Gossip

        Photo by Rachel Hoyt. No reuse without permission. © Rachel Hoyt 2011

I've always felt the crows that congregate near me
were the most ominous animals I ever did see.
Constantly squawking to all their buddies around them,
I assume, discussing all the things that astound them.

This week I found myself wanting to join in...
"Hey there crow friends... Tom? Greg? Jim?"
I'm not sure they can understand what I say,
but it doesn't matter, they all just flew away.

I think crows are the animal gossip queens --
flying near and far, discussing others' dreams.
Some of them must have some semi-educated opinions
on the birds that recently fell in mass from their dominions.

Was it the unfortunate byproduct of a secret military test?
Or were the bigger, stronger birds ganging up on the rest?
Did cell phone radar harm them like it does our honey bees?
Or are there dragons hunting them up high above the trees?

punishment for repealing DADT? That's one theory I hear.
Or, perhaps they encountered aliens who were hovering near.
I suppose it could be simultaneous stress caused mortality --
the type a masochist flock leader wouldn't care to foresee.

Whatever it is, I think those crows have a hunch...
No, it's more than that --  I think they know quite a bunch.
What if they're the mobsters of the animal kingdom?
What if their thugs killed those poor birds for fun?!

To be on the safe side I won't make another attempt
to talk to the crows who already showed me contempt.
But I sure hope the powers that be explain it better and real soon --
'cuz "It actually happens all the time" doesn't wipe out the gloom.

Come to think of it, now I've got double the worry!
The crows, they hang out all around me, you see?!
Where's a good bird crime detective when you need one, eh?
Oh well. I'm sure the government will reveal the cause to us someday.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

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  1. I've noticed that so many movies lately are using crows as bad omens. It's nothing new, but there seem to be more than ever these days.

    (Remember "Heckle & Jeckle"?)

  2. I do remember Heckle & Jeckle a bit... I was little butt they were stil a hit.

    Thanks for visiting, Eric. :o)

  3. Heckle & Jeckle lol Leave it to Eric to say that! As for your poem, nice job. "To be on the safe side I won't make another attempt to talk to the crows who already showed me contempt." That's probably the best thing to do. I'm not of big fan of crow. In that way your end up eating it proverbially as well.

  4. Hi Dustus... what, you've never talked to the crows? Not even Heckle & Jeckle? LOL.

  5. Sure they are gossipy,
    ominous and mean.
    But they help Dumbo fly --
    that's a pachyderm's dream.

  6. I like your use of links with your poem. Creative and your poem was fun, very much enjoyed.

  7. The crows that I saw,
    Couldn't give a caw,
    Stayed just out of reach,
    Though I tried to entice each,
    Finally laughed and flew away,
    After totally ruining my day.

    Good luck on your ominous birds.

  8. love the image...

    well expressed sentiments. thanks for sharing.

  9. @ azfree & dan - I feel loved when I receive a rhyming response! Together we could spur a rhyme renaissance. :o)

    @ jissicakristie & jingle - thanks for coming by to read my stuff. Knowing you smiled is pleasure enough. :o)

  10. Crows - gossip queens - I think you're spot on with that one - I've thought that myself. Crows have a strange affinity with me lol. I truly enjoyed your words and am now sitting with a smile on my face. Thank you.

  11. Reminded me of the first horror/suspense movie I watched - Alfred Hitchcock The birds. Was fun to read but also gave me a slight shiver at the end :)

  12. @ farflungstar - thanks for the fine compliments! I'm glad my story left you smiling hence.

    @ SJ - I hope it was a feeling good shiver and not an eerie quiver! :o)

  13. The picture seems all too familiar.... I love it when i see a full line of birds just sitting and I always wonder what it would be like to see and hear the things they do.... and those birds that have been falling well they took their story to the grave. I'm sure Tom, Greg and Jim know the truth!!

  14. Hehe. Tom, Geoff and Jim do know the truth! Why oh why must they be so aloof...

  15. Girl, you sure can rhyme!! And I ADORE YOU for that!! :)
    Really ENJOYED your poem like nothing else!! Loved this one, Rachel!:)

    This one was packed with humor and some fun
    And thrill and suspense.. but don't worry hun
    United we'll take a vow to shun 'em crazy crows
    We'll give away brochures, and tell it on shows
    They might be smart, but we are no less
    Outdo them we shall... and without a mess! :))

  16. Beautiful poem...loved your concept and your rhyme!

  17. Kavita, I adore you as well! We will definitely give those crows hell!! :o)

    Uma.a -- thanks for visiting! I'm glad you found it interesting. :o)

  18. Fun poem! Still have no idea what those crows are plotting... ;P

  19. Hi magdalena. Those crows deviousness is starting to show. Glad you smiled. Thanks for letting me know.:-)

  20. A good and fun one, Rachel! really liked the clever way you linked the ominous tidings associated with crows to the social ills :-D

  21. Steve - thanks for clicking through to read a second poem! Glad you enjoyed this one as well. :)


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