Monday, January 31, 2011

Awards of Awesomeness

It is time for me to bestow awesomeness awards on some writing fools
who treat me like the queen rhymer whose gibberish contains jewels.
Each has their own special spark and niche in this bloggerhood.
I'm happy to introduce them as the friends in my neighborhood.

The LOL Award goes to Bryan White for his mood ring post.
Of the many things I've read lately, I laughed at this the most.
Furthermore, I doubt he would have thought to write on this topic,
but he saw my study and used his creativity to be philanthropic.
His blog, Nuclear Headache, is filled with wonderfully witty words.
I sometimes have to look up the meaning of certain nouns and verbs.

The Best Friend Blogger Award goes to SJ of Almost There and Trainer Talks.
I'm sure many others would agree with me that this girl completely rocks.
She's full of helpful ideas... always reads, comments and shares my work.
If I didn't give her an award, I'd feel like a complete and total jerk!
She's pretty popular... a Top 500 Mommy Blogger in the UK.
I think she's going to do some really amazing things someday.


The Kreativ Blogger Award goes to Jessica's Japes for her haiku.
Her words about mood rings are beautiful, simple and true.
She's a versatile writer I read quite often with pleasure.
I recommend visiting her blog at your leisure.

The One Lovely Blog Award goes to Uma of Inside My Poem Book.
If you're a poet (and even if not) her blog is worth a look.
She took a creative angle on my mood ring study - in rhyme.
What if your computer had an app reading your moods in real time?
She also hosts poetry prompts to inspire writers to try new things.
I love participating in those forums.  Oh the fun it brings.

The Honest Scrap Award goes to Patricia Lynne.
She makes these pretty mood rings now and then
and is also quite talented with words and a pen.


  1. I thought that mouse out of a bottle was sticking.
    Then I saw the breasts, the feet, and the tail and my brain started ticking.

    Thanks for the award.

  2. Oh My!Thanks for your award and a beautiful poem about my blog :).The mood ring was indeed an interesting one to write about.

  3. Bryan,
    Perhaps my drawing I should throttle
    The mouse's gown looked like a bottle!
    Her name is Lola, and she is I
    Check out our blogs and come say "hi!"

  4. @ Bryan - I probably should have made you a more manly looking prize, but I hope this one still puts a little sparkle in your eyes.

    @ Uma - I'm glad you had fun writing about the mood rings. I hope this award notice brings your traffic to your prompts and other postings. :)

    @ Lolamouse - thanks for visiting and thanks again for the award! I'd happily say she's a very cute mouse if anyone implored. :)

  5. @Brian I thought the same, had to go look!

    Thanks for the award, I squeed!
    Now I have to go show off.... I mean spread the link to this so everyone can see your amazing blog. ;)

  6. Patricia - I'm glad I could start your week off with a happy squeal! Who knew my awards were such a big deal. :o)

  7. P.S. To all award recipients... my awards come with NO rules or obligations to pass on, re-post, blab about, etc. They are just given out in hopes of making you smile. :)

  8. I think Rachel has hit on the spot as usual, her recognition of all the above talents is quite right! Your talents and skills go above and beyond in how it touches peoples lives. I also congratulate you and give you Rachel a little word award for noticing people in your life and expressing that in your Blog here! Great Job!

  9. You've got good taste Rachel. Haven't read all these blogs but a couple I know firsthand, and have to say with you, hats off!

  10. Congratulations everyone.
    Awards, talent, and so much fun!

  11. OMG - you gave me an award - WOW thank you hunni OMG, have to come back later when I know what to say. OMG

    Thank you x

  12. Ed, Debra & Azfree - Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Glad you agree my "chosen ones" deserve their awards. :)

    SJ - That's a lot of OMGs! You're welcome schnookums. :)

  13. Rachel, this was a wonderful concept of awards and you made excellent choices for each one! Kuddos to you, my friend.

  14. Awwwwwwwwww SJ you are so dang cute...and definitely deserving of this award ...As always...XOXOXO

  15. Great post! I loved your choices....I read all those blogs and enjoy them!

  16. Thanks for visiting me Bongo and Mary! I'm happy to know you like what you see. :)

  17. Many thanks, Rachel! It was fun just taking part in your challenge/research, this is a bonus!

  18. I want one of those kittens! :)

  19. @ jessicasjapes - I'm glad you had fun participating because I find your writing elating. Your First Date post yesterday is gut laugh funny. The picture also, could be worth lots of money. :)

    @ Tricia - I too want one of those kittens!! Though where you live, they'd want to curl up inside a mitten. :)

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  21. It looks like everyone wants a kitten in a cup.:-) Maybe I'll suggest this marketing plan to the local shelter!! Hehe.


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