Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tongue Twisted Twhyming

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Resolutions require restricting rubbish resolutely.
That's why you must commit to them so absolutely.
Research resoundingly rebukes rubber-band-ability
citing astoundingly low rates of adult adaptability.

I say... as long as I believe I can change, I can.
And... only I can ensure my next time is "better than".
If you're already worried you won't be able to sustain,
I hope to re-inspire you, from temptation to refrain.

I, Rhyming Rachel, realize rhyme readers relish rhythm
and want to perfect my craft for myself and for them.
Recalling ridiculous riddles and a rascally rabbit rambling,
tongue twister practice became my mind's next meandering.

Tongue twisters are totally tougher than I thought,
though I like writing these baby twisters quite a lot.
Tiny training tempts transformation to turbocharge.
That's the message I want to send out here by and large.

Baby steps and positive reinforcement are what we all need.
When easier on ourselves we're more likely to succeed.
Just a few days ago, I thought I couldn't write a tongue twister,
but randomizing them in rhyme turned out to be the perfect mixer.

Smarties slash silly self-sabotage sauntering 'stead of sprinting,
remembering that before writing cursive they had to learn printing.
Sipping, simmering, savoring and swallowing small successes is scintillating.
So twist your resolution today if you felt tongue twisted twymying was elating.

© January 4, 2011 - Rachel Hoyt

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This rhyme is being shared with Poets Rally Week 36 and One Shot Poetry Week 27.  Head there to find poets whose words are like manna from heaven.  I've also added this poem to the Poetry Pantry where there are many more great poets to see.

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This poem won me the Honest Scrap Award in the Thursday Poets' Rally!


  1. what a fun piece.
    tongue twisting is fun, I used to do it...

    Happy Rally...
    Glad to see you in at this last minute.

  2. You gave my tongue quite a work-out, Rachel.

    Wait, that doesn't sound right...(BLUSH!)

  3. i liked your refreshing humorous and cleverly constructed piece!
    Made me smile, made me want to run and give you a little kiss.
    Am sure glad I stopped by and your prose I did not miss.

    "Smarties slash silly self-sabotage sauntering 'stead of sprinting"
    Is so good a line, it will never stops glinting!
    And I, having read it and run for the mirror, will stare at my face without squinting.

    Play on, Lady Rachel, write more lovely rhymes I beg thee!
    Write them to yourself, to others, or to me.
    And post it here for all the world to see.

    Thanks for sharing ;-)

  4. Terrific stuff Rachel .. amusing and thoughtful .. don't ever stop .. KW

  5. What a good job you did, Rachel. Very clever and fun.

  6. I love the way you play with words, twisting them into terrific, fantastic toys!

  7. Awwww, all these compliments are making me blush. I'm headed to read all your stuff now, in a rush! :o)

    Thank you Jingle, KW, tuffikaffa, bodhirose and azfree for starting my day off with a bit of glee.

  8. What? Overlooked again?
    (And after I made such a witty innuendo, too!)

  9. Damnit... eric, I'm so sorry!!! But now you get your very own thank you. It was definitely a cute innuendo -- made me blush a bit too. :o)

  10. You blushing = mission accomplished

    (No worries, I was just razzin' ya!)

  11. i like a loony and lovely alliteration
    bangin' beats into all obliteration
    toe tappin' rhythms to titallatin' tongue twistin'
    lilting lyrics la la la makes you wanna listen.

    your inspirations are mine! suess and shelverstein! (run out and buy runny babbitt)

  12. haha so nice! mine for this thursday-

    And rhymes are a tool
    over which I drool
    like a drunken fool :))

    But now I have to enumerate
    The resolutions I've to generate
    And twist 'em enough to commemorate
    My abilities as a literate :))

    LOVED loved loved your poem, Rachel!!
    Long live those fun and rhythmic rhymes!!

  14. What fun, Rachel! I love a poem I can't resist reading aloud.

  15. @ kavita and joycefied - I love the rhyming comments!! Thanks! Joycefied, I will definitely check out runny babbit... thanks for the recommendation!

    @ fiveloaf & trollpants - thanks for visiting! I'm glad you enjoyed all the tongue twisting. :o)

  16. What fun to read a poem that made me smile, after so many bleak, sad poems! It was like a little piece of chocolate before I go back to the carrot sticks! ;-)

  17. @ lizziviggi - Awwwwww, I'm chocolate!! Woo hoo!!! :o)

  18. Absolutely well said , smart and slick! Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Definitely fun - and a weal tongue chawenge. ☼

  20. Purvi... I love being called smart & slick! Thanks!

    Lightverse... you obviously wread it the way I wreawwy wike to. :o)

  21. Don't know if I could read this out loud successfully. Love the rhyme and aliteration. Fun stuff.

  22. Tried to read it to myself and aloud. You win it is a twisty teaser.

  23. LOL, Monkey Man & Booguloo. I'm still a little rough reading it aloud myself... well, depending on how quickly I try to read it. :o)

  24. Wow... LOL... this was a great piece, even covered the inspirational topic of resolutions between the tongue twisting rhyme.

  25. Thank you Reflections! I definitely like to pile a bit of meaning in my silly poems.

  26. creative play of words.
    nice work.


  27. Thanks for visiting chaspallette. Word play is definitely something I never regret.

  28. Thank you Tinktinkie & Steve. I'm flattered you liked the read. :o)

  29. Haha! Fabulous! read at

  30. Thanks so much Kenny! I'm glad you came to see!


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