Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be More Gay

by Rachel Hoyt

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Every day, I'm reminded in some way
that we, including me, should try to be
more gay (and not in the sexual way).

The Amish know small pleasures can be so
great for the soul.  Casserole and a stroll?
Who wants to go? Eenie meeny miny mo.

Brief brain breaks are so important to take
because it just may, be during the stray
your brain makes a fabulous non-mistake.

This mantra is the raison d'etre
I can smile for a while as is my style -
try extra on the tense end of the spectra.

Its hardest to not try your gosh darn best
when you're confused or your ego is bruised.
The real test, is can you take a smile rest?

When you're at work frustrated by some jerk
who's slow and must show you stuff that you know,
zone out the twerp -- find a comedic perk.

If your keys are lost, rather than accost
those near with fear to make sure they appear
'cuz memories get crossed when stressfully sloshed...

Calm yourself down and wipe off that sad frown.
Briefly, discretely, forget completely -
laugh at a clown or walk around the town.

Smiles are everywhere.  Choose them if you dare.
You just may find your mind likes to unwind
and to be fair helps your nerves not to ware.

Days are easier when life's cheesier.
Brains smoothly sail through hail without fail
when you're giddier than when snippier.

So, spread happiness today like it's childs play.
Give a double hand wave to your friend Dave.
Just be more gay (no, not the sexual way).

© Rachel Hoyt 2011

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  1. i hear you...working on this...working on this...nice one shot

  2. Just back from having a very large needle stuck in my elbow. Feeling very sorry and sore but hey I come here and you made it all better. Well it still hurts but at least I'm smiling :)

  3. @ Brian - I work on it every day. My temper is shortest with phone customer service people, especially my "friends" at Quickbooks. But, I thought we all needed another reminder after the shooting in Tuscon.

    @ SJ - Ouch! A needle in your elbow?! You're going to need lots more laughs to distract you from that one. I hope you visited the links! I just realized there was one really funny animal voice over video I forgot to add... it will be linked to the word cheesier in a minute. :o)

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Rach. Having all these kids is hard, but tons of fun. I just need to smile more :-) They make it easy (and hard)!

  5. Hi Amy!! I'm sure those kids work you to the bone! I can't imagine being you... but I know you're smiling plenty. You always have. Glad I could help! :o)

  6. Rachel, what a talent you have for rhyming great messages! Love the light-hearted way you convey the art of gaiety.

  7. Thank you Debra! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Gaiety really is an art, isn't it?! :o)

  8. This is good stuff.

    thanx for stopping by...

  9. Hi Rachel!

    Can you make a rhyme poem about 150-200 words in one hour? This inspired me to write "TRAVELS" by the way and it was just so much fun...:)

    Thank you for stopping by my blogsite...:) Your poems are cool by the way. Keep them coming...

  10. This was awesome!! I really loved the stanza:
    The Amish know small pleasures can be so
    great for the soul. Casserole and a stroll?
    Who wants to go? Eenie meeny miny mo.

    Was my absolutely favorite. Also "Just be more gay (no, not the sexual way)." Wow, thanks for sharing!

  11. Great poem, being gay (no, not the sexual way!) is something we need to do more.

  12. Nice piece of work..
    "more gay (and not in the sexual way)."
    I like this line :D

  13. @dashki - thank YOU for stopping by. :o)

    @jorie - I've definitely written a few poems in an hour. As you said, it is fun! Sometimes after a bad day I try to write something about it quickly because coming up with the crazy rhymes generally cheers me up instantly. Hehe.

    @judyblackcloud - Those are my favorite parts too! I wrote the first two stanzas one night after a frustrating day at work. It is pretty crazy how a few good lines can cheer me up!

    @ Patricia & Sumit - I'm glad everyone likes that line so much! I thought it would hook in the readers. :o)

  14. I think of Seinfeld..."not that there's anything wrong with it" remind us to smile and your rhymes make it hard not to

    "Days are easier when life's cheesier."

    thank's for the smiles

    my 55 for today:

    Peace, hp

  15. @ hpicasso - Hehe. That Seinfeld is a smart man. :o) I forgot about that.

    Glad I could make you smile! I'm working on making my day a bit cheesier so it's easier...

  16. heheheh...awesome!!!
    We can do with some more of those "fabulous non-mistakes" ... Gosh!! I sooo loved this one, Rachel... your rhymes are a treat..really!! Playful and witty... I am all gaga about this one!
    The attitude rocks, and so does your one shot, girl!!!
    smile on... :))

  17. Thanks Kavita! It's comments like yours that make me more gay... in the, you know, less cranky sort of way. :o)

  18. Smart writing, beautifully paced! I like it a lot! I can't rhyme at all. =/

    Take care and keep smiling. =)

  19. Sometimes we need the simple and lighthearted words to carry away the heavy complex thoughts that hold us. This does just that...a breath of fresh air :)

  20. Indeed a good be happy rather than think about sorrows which prevails ....

  21. Being gay is good. Such a good word.

  22. Thanks for visiting Kenia, Nunee, Uma & Old Ollie. Glad I could distract you from all the sad things we daily see.

  23. Wow! I just love the line about fabulous non-mistakes. That, in and of itself, makes me gay!

  24. Yes. I will work toward greater gayness! Very fun piece, here.

  25. Katrina and the Waves' 'Walkin' on Sunshine' does it for me every time.

    Nice writing. :-)

  26. @ lightverse - I LOVE fabulous non-mistakes. Glad that line is helping spread gayness. :)

    @ Kim - thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    @ Paul - Walkin on Sunshine is a GREAT song. It works for me at least 50% of the time. :)

    @ Steve - Your "life smart" comment makes me feel incredibly gay and respected intelectually. :)

  27. This is a very brave post. I was expecting some negative comments. Did they all get stuffed in the trash, or have they been mercifully absent?

  28. Thank you Doug! No negative comments yet. I have yet to delete any, ever... and they have been received on other posts. I did think I might get some angry responses about my wording, though I certainly did not want to affend any homosexuals. I couldn't help myself really. I think it brings the appropirate zing to the message.

  29. It certainly does have zing :) I have to classify this as one of my favorite posts of all time. Ever.

  30. Thanks Doug! I've been pondering entering this one in a $$ contest. It helps to know there's another vote that it's the best. :)

  31. Great poem! Made me smile:)
    Hope the judges think so as well!

  32. Wait, I actually love this poem.

  33. Aww..this is sooooo sweet, Rachel..

    I am truly becoming a huge fan of your wonderful poems now! They are so meaningful, and yet, they seem so simple... I love the way you arrange your thoughts in your poems.. there is a lightness to it, and a very warm feeling it brings to your poems..

    Write on, sweet lady...
    Yup, the more we smile, the better life gets.. :) So let's slap summa those smiles on our faces right away!! :))

  34. an enjoyable piece! so cool and gay :)

  35. @Audrey - I'm honored you loved my words! :)

    @Kavita - Thank you for the lovely comment. I'm flattered to know you're a fan. Keep spreading smiles! :)

    @Dasuntouscha - Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @bendedspoon - Hehehe. You're making me more gay! :)

  36. Wheee, feel free
    For a frown
    Is a smile upside down
    So wear a mental crown

    Resist those who insist
    That dark covers light
    Don't let them be a blight
    For a smimple smile is right

    :D great poem love the meaning an the rhyme scheme, so many well stated verses using a varity of examples to prove your point brovo

  37. profound humor.
    keep rhyming with a smile.

  38. Thia put a smile on my face! Such wonderful advice and I had to laugh about the keys I have seen so many people get vein-popping made over misplaced keys


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