Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Fun Day - Lung Love Rhyme Contest

Each year on what would have been
my Grandma Betty's birthday,
I like to invite all of my friends
to participate in rhyme play.

The goal is to encourage smokers
to show more love for their lungs,
and teach children to hate those lung chokers
that many love though they taste like bung.

Last year I had a limerick contest
but this year I'll allow all rhymes.
I will decide which three poems I like best
and award REAL PRIZES of the etsy kind...


(1)  Please keep your rhyme to 20 lines or less
and write about how quitting smoking is for the best.

(2)  Post your rhyme in the comments section below
and/or on your blog and use Mister Linky (below) to let us know.

(3)  If you post the rhyme on your blog please share
the link to my contest to help show others there.

(4)  Use my first lines below or write your own.
Know that I prefer you use humor to make your feelings known.

(5)  Enter by midnight on Saturday, April 21st
and please share this post at the sites you socialize most.


Three lucky winners will win poetocard subscriptions and coupons
to shop at my etsy shop for themselves, friends or their moms.

1st Prize - Free 1 year Poetocard Subscription plus a 25% off coupon for my etsy shop
2nd Prize - Free 1 year Poetocard Subscription plus a 20% off coupon for my etsy shop
3rd Prize - Free 1 year Poetocard Subscription plus a 15% off coupon for my etsy shop


Without further adieu,
here's some rhymes to help you
get inspired to write a ditty too!

Cheers, quitter!
by Rachel Hoyt

Cheers to you, you quitter!
Try not to look so bitter.
In the long run you'll be fitter...
and possibly a really great knitter?

Cold Turkey
by Rachel Hoyt

I'm not looking back.
(puff, puff, hack, hack)
Although I hear you there
and still smell you on my hair,
I will chose to ignore,
to brave this tough chore,
to avoid a self-induced whack...
(puff, puff, hack, hack)

Puffing Pete
by Rachel Hoyt

Puffing Pete
thought it was neat
to make smoke rings
and set fire to things
until one day a child looked at him and said,
"Sir, halos are coming out of your head.
I think that means you're nearly dead."

poems above © 2012 Rachel Hoyt.  All rights reserved.


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  1. Dear Rachel,
    You will make every reader smile after reading your work. You are talented and funny. This is a good way to start my day!!

    1. *BIG SMILES* :) Thank you, Andy. I'm glad you enjoyed it so. :)

  2. Hey Rachel, thanks for the great prompt it really got my anti-smoking juices flowing:) Here's my entry -

    Coffin nails and death sticks
    Are different names for cigarettes
    And other things you mustn't smoke
    So you don't lose lung cancer's bets

    They do not call them vigour-ettes
    They do not call them pillars of life
    Because they're the pin in the hinge of Death's door
    That creaks when he comes to take your life

    Unless you're a chimney or a steam train
    You mustn't puff a smoky cloud
    And line your lungs with sticky tar
    It will not make your mother proud

    It's never too late to give up smoking
    To put the packet in the bin
    And hopefully you will be joking
    While lung cancer is sore that it didn't win!

  3. I've been done with the smokes for well over a year.
    The cravings and withdraw were rather severe,
    but with pains in the chest and shortness of breath,
    each smoke that you smoke leads you closer to death.
    And now that they've got over $5 a pack,
    I doubt that I'll ever get the urge to go back.
    If there's one thing I care about more than my health,
    it's the cash in my wallet and my delusions of wealth.
    They say that I'm cheap, but at least I'm smoke free.
    Now if I could just lose the weight,
    I'd be as fine as could be.

    1. ...that should be "now that they've GONE over $5 a pack"

      I might post this somewhere else too. I just thought of it off the top of my head.

    2. Congrats on being one year smoke free! I'm smiling both from your rhyme and for thee. :)

    3. Posted the poem on the Sunny Blog.

      Then a link for you, and then a link for me.

      And I think we're all set ;D

  4. nice..they just did this at my kids school too...very cool...

    speaking through your neck
    makes you sound metallic
    i say this cause i love you
    not to be a smart alec
    & would rather you be in my life
    a whole lot longer

    1. Ha! I love the your neck / metallic / smart alec rhyme. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yay! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)

  6. Love what your doing here, I haven't smokes for a more than a few months and just lost of friend to breast and lung cancer. God Bless you

    1. Thank you, sweetie. And, congrats on quitting!

  7. Sounds interesting. This is a great social initiative as well. Good luck and great idea.

    Joy always,

  8. Missed your rhymes Rachel. I have been out circulation for quite some time now. I am still not a quitter so I wonder if I can support this contest, Ha,ha,ha...

    1. Hi Rimly!! :) Great to see you. Not a quitter, eh? LOL I'm allowing submissions from all types... but you do have to write about quitting. It might be too hypocritical for you though, I dunno... :)

  9. This is so cool : ) Here's one from a novice rhymer:

    A cigarette a day
    Will keep nothing at bay
    Embrace life without smoke
    Before its late and you choke

    Apologies at the shoddy work ; )

    1. This is great, Kriti! :) Short and sweet. :) Thank you for entering.

  10. This is awesome. Poetry for a great cause. I'm in! I'll be working on my poem today and will post/link up tomorrow (friday, 20th). Great fun!

    1. Yay! Thank you for committing to enter Janice. :) I'm so glad you appreciate the cause. :)


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