Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greenzilla's Top 5 Green Deeds

Last night I formed a new life goal in my sleep.
Greenzo and I were performing environmental upkeep.
I was watching the show 30 Rock before bed...
I guess his message got stuck in my head.
All I know is that I now feel possessed.
I must save this world with which we were blessed.
In my dream I was a hero known publicly as Greenzilla -
who's top five green deeds save more than a scintilla.

5. I bum rides from friends as often as possible,
using auto trouble stories whenever it's plausible.
The broken down car thing works on my coworkers too.
They'll wake up early for a downtrodden member of the crew.

4. No matter where I am, if there's a thermostat,
I have to check the level to see what it's set at.
If I can get my hands on one that's set irresponsibly,
I reset it to stop it from shamelessly taunting me.

3. When I find a good deal on fluorescent light bulbs,
I buy a bunch to take to friends houses and night clubs.
I change out four to five light bulbs every time I go out,
in hopes no one notices the swap until they burn out.

2. A few times a year, if I can locate a good place,
I plant a baby tree in it's "native" open space.
The long night of digging is my best workout plan yet!
Risking a brush with the law... that I'll never regret.

1. Did you know that cows release methane when they fart?
Stopping this grotesque pollution would be more than a start.
Scientists say garlic is the key to lowering the level 50 to 90%.
I say dropping garlic in cow water troughs is money well spent!

So far Greenzilla has existed only in my dreams,
but the need for a change is more imminent than it seems.
And so, I now pledge to make Greenzilla's life a reality,
in hopes to have an effect on the American mentality.
If you too have ideas on how to make a difference,
please post them here to show your non-ignorance.
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© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

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  1. So funny :) I've never known that cows release methane!


  2. LOL! You are genious and hilarious my friend! I personally recycle everything possible. To a OCD extent. Drove my roomies nuts in the past. I also reuse old grocery bags from my pre-cloth days as wastebasket liners or packing material. GO GREENZILLA! -Annelisa

  3. Hi. I've tagged your blog as Blog-A-Licious! Please collect your blog-a-licious 'badge' from
    Cheers - Dora

  4. Nice blog! About the cows, hasn't the burger industry taken care of that? They've halved the lifetime of a cow - that's half a cow lifetime worth of methane emission! :)

  5. love your creativity here.
    beautiful entry.
    Thanks for sharing with potluck.

  6. Well written, the rhymes put across your message in just the right way! I wonder what Greenzilla looks like....

  7. Interesting piece! Happy potluck!

  8. The greening of the world is such a big task it's going to take more than Greenzilla. Your poem is a timely message to all of us.

  9. greenzilla - this word is catchy!

  10. Dear Rachel
    A nice thought.. I liked the sustainability in it... nice and simple verse carrying a powerful message...
    Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  11. what a lovely message!here's mine for this potluck..

  12. @ Jingle & fiveloaf - Glad you enjoyed the message! I'll be over to read your potluck poems soon. :)

  13. lol@greenzilla lol
    a smile you got, nice! :p
    happy rally!

  14. Garlic tinged milk.. hey I'm lactose intolerant.. could help? yes? ..smiles..

  15. LOL! What a great theme: a bizarre dream. Fabulous! :O)

  16. @ lynnaima - So happy to make you smile for a while. :o)

    @ booguloo - I hope that garlic milk works for you. Did you know they make garlic ice cream too? LOL.

    @ Madeleine - I'm glad you were entertained with my theme... though, I must admit, it wasn't an actual dream. :)

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  18. It seems so easy to be green,
    especially when it's in a dream.
    But it's your candid talk of cow farts
    that really sets your post apart!

    (Feel free to delete my earlier comment as it is full of silly little typos).

  19. @azfree - I'm glad you appreciate candid talk about farts. It's one of the neglected arts. LOL. It is definitely easier to be green when living in a dream. :)

  20. This is great!!! And by the way, if more people became vegetarians, then there wouldn't need to be so many cows, and with less cows, less farting--and thus less methane! (Now, what do we do about all those flatulent PEOPLE?)

  21. Your poem put a big smile on my face this morning! And it reminded me to change out more of my lightbulbs! And thanks for visiting my blog too!

  22. @ Timoteo - I totally agree less cows would help. I try not to eat too many of them myself. LOL.

    @ Dasuntoucha - Thanks for the cute smiley face and peace sign... a cute way to let me know you left feeling fine. :)

    @ Lolamouse - So glad I could start your day with a smile. The LOL award you gave me will keep me smiling a while! :)

  23. "History shows again and again, how nature points out the folly of man! Ohhhh no! There goes Tokyo!"

    Go, go GRENNZILLA! WOOOOO! :-D I love that you incorporated earth-friendly ideas into your poem! A million, bazillion kudos!

  24. heh...that would be, "Go, go GREENZILLA!" >.<

  25. @Jingle - I'm always happy to link in. Thanks for having me!

    @Dragon Ka-Tet - I feel like a super awesome cheerleader visited my blog! Thanks! Go-Go-Greenzilla!!! :)

  26. ;)


    ha ha ha ha ha

    your awesome!


  27. @Mia - If only I was as daring in real life as I am with my words... well, sometimes I am. :)

  28. cool humor.

    love Mia's comment, thanks for sharing.

  29. Wonderful piece :) well written. :)

  30. @Marbles in My Pocket - Thank you!!! :)

    @Jingle - Mia's comment is pretty darn awesome. :)

    @jeaniemcbain - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


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