Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Poem Which Ponders, Should We Subsidize Hollywood?

Hollywood Heart
by Rachel Hoyt

image by Salvatore Vuono via

Comfortable, yet not happy,
is hard to tolerate -
filled with dreams of a plush fate
that would yield greater glee.

Miserable, in poverty,
one rides the waves that come -
filled with dreams that some someone
could see what one could be.

When spring rain falls on the land
and blossoms rare treasures,
Comfortable foresees quicksand
and bumps to dodge ahead,
Miserable just bows his head
and prays for simple pleasures.

Every time it rains, a choice
falls into hands that could
hand out the gifts as they should,
listen to their inner voice,
or believe that none will rejoice
no matter where the fruits fall
and seek to distract one and all
with shows that mold every soul's voice.

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

This poem responds to news that Hollywood subidies
are growing while the poor receive no remedies.

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  1. talk about our screwed up priorities...fix the problems or frame up that wich distracts us from them....

    1. I agree. I don't want industry folk to lose their jobs, but I don't think the taxpayers should be subsidizing its existence either. The entertainment industry will be there to distract us from our woes either way...

  2. You caught me off guard with thin and like being caught off guard.

    I suppose through the generations, the cinema, films has been the go to escapism. Now it is movies along with and online shtufffs. The other way to describe escapism is 'we're in denial'.

    1. Escapism is definitely a double edged sword. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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