Saturday, June 7, 2014

We Are Now One Step Closer To Proving We Should Fake It 'Til We Make It

Dressing Up As "Me"
by Rachel Hoyt

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At birth I knew no shame or fear,
I roamed naked and free,
But as life added days and years,
Clothes helped me feel like "me".

To church I wore my Mary Janes -
Their black patent leather
Balanced the frills of lace dresses
And kept stray thoughts demure.

In high school I was a Tomboy,
Wearing jeans and flannel -
Few colors were ones I enjoyed
During that dark, square spell.
For a time I wore casual suits
To bolster my power -
Sometimes I paired them with heeled boots
To look more like a tower.

Now I sit typing, hardly dressed,
Free to do as I please,
Wondering which outfit is next,
Which image to appease.

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

A new study shows clothes we wear influence how well we do
at least as much as each of us believes they hold the power to.

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  1. nice,
    without artifice,
    just like the naked soul beneath
    those clothes.
    one question,
    would you wear those boots for me?


Rhyming or not, I would like a lot to hear the thoughts my words brought...