Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fun Day - Crambo aka Bouts Rimés - Butterflies

Bouts Rimés means "rhymed ends" in French and is a game or challenge where one person (me) makes a list of rhymed words and others (you) write the lines that end with those rhymes, in the same order in which they were given. It was known as Crambo in English and was quite popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Will you help me bring back this hip historical habit?
Monarchs hibernating at Coronado Butterfly Preserve.
Beauty Sleep
Thousand Tries
Dreaming Deep
Precious Peek
Creature Can't
Let it Leak
Above are the words.
Get writing rhyme nerds!
There will be no winner. This is just for fun


  1. A cherished dream is butterflies,
    waking from my beauty sleep.
    Attempt to return - a thousand tries,
    denied I am of dreaming deep.

    I always awake at a precious peek,
    a height achieved most creature can't.
    Sandman's bag, please let it leak!
    To see my fallen friend so jubilant.

    1. I love this!! And, not just because I can hear Yoda reading the fourth line... :P Beautiful imagery - like reading a dream...

    2. Impressive weight with just 8 lines! Bravo!

  2. The skies dance with the flaps of butterflies-

    Painting with a palette of shifting colors
    The skies change from grey, gloomy and deep, to the warmth of afternoon beauty sleep-

    Darting down the hall or up the stairs, hearing noises or silence, running with legs of lessened size, never moving in a thousand tries-

    The alarm got a snooze when it woke up screaming beep, this lucid world is unseen by the mind dreaming deep.

    And when we're feeling suspicious, as if the future is bleak, into our souls the commonality of our dreams gives a precious peek-

    In an age when teachers preach and leaders rant, we gotta remember, To share dreams is to do something other creatures can't-

    And when we share, we we each get a peak, we open ourselves and let it leak-

    Just another animal livin' on energy from plants, I stand looking around to see the oneness of us, our dreams, of Mother Earth, and the universe, getting a feeling of jubilance-


Rhyming or not, I would like a lot to hear the thoughts my words brought...