Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Walmart as a Corporate Example

The Corporate Concept
by Rachel Hoyt

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Business is a basic model
near any mortal could master.
but corporations you must coddle,
plan actions like a wise pastor.

You must know how long it will take
to run others into the ground.
You must take in a big enough rake
to pay fines in gold, by the pound.

You must make jobs seem like the perk,
the lone, precious means to an end.
You must lie every day at work
and (maybe) backstab your best friend.

Keep costs down. Let net worth augment.
Hide profits in loopholes you find.
Keep the money people content.
(They are the thread that could unwind.)

When they find out why things are cheap
and demand quick reparations,
just pay the price and don't say bleep,
hope that ends investigations.

If they tell you to change your ways,
be kinder to those 'down below',
increase how much your buyers pay,
remind them just who runs the show.

If you played all of your cards right,
no one will challenge your brute force,
your children will live rich and light
of duty, doldrums, and remorse.

© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Walmart got a big slap on the wrist recently,
for some charges to which they (finally) plead guilty.

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  1. about time...its only taken a decade to get here you know...gotta love how the big guys think they can do just about anything they want...

    1. I know. They waited nearly a decade to plead guilty. It boggles my mind.

      Smiles to you. :)


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