Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Double Limerick for Dowsers

The Dowser
by Rachel Hoyt

A farmer was pondering his crops,
wondering how much the drought would chop,
when appeared a man
with wands in both hands -
a drip who claimed he felt the drops.

The farmer refused to believe
the honesty of his blind weave
until his wand struck
a hydrant, by luck,
and he said, "Plant here - a tough sieve."
Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

to find water from somewhere other than The Man.

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  1. ha...not sure how much you are going to plant on a hydrant. but...
    dowsers are pretty fascinating....i watched one as a child...

    1. We're going to 'plant' a tap on the water flowing to the hydrant...

      I wouldn't mind seeing a dowser in action. I feel a little bad poking fun at them here, but it does seem a worthy subject for my blog considering the article says there is water underneath nearly every piece of land...

  2. Fantastic! It's dry as hell down where I am in Moreno Valley Cali, and this was a refreshing write!

    1. Thank you Buddah! It's crazy warm and windy here as well. :)

  3. It is crazy dry in CA. Folsom lake is a puddle--pretty frightening--enjoyed your playful poem :-)


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