Saturday, May 10, 2014

Do You Believe Time Travel Is Possible?

Is It Time?
by Rachel Hoyt

Is it time for time to bend to our will?
Time that travel offered a new thrill?
Time that we risk a continuum rift?
Time that predictions were a proven gift?
Time that our dreams become reality?
Time that we really see all we could see?
Time that the past is not just the past?
Time that the world be infinitely vast?

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

I believe many think time travel would be fun,


  1. Time gets the bum wrapper for everything. It is after all simply a measurement of dimension as it relates events. Time is the underdog and we're the bullies. ....yours truly time traveler Mr. 8:53 AM

    1. True... I suppose we are all time travelers in the broadest sense.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. As time and space intertwine
    We watch gravity dance
    outcomes rollin' on chance
    as the components of the universe
    diverge and combine
    Their source, their origin
    ever elude our mind

    Moments to memories then they're gone
    As our ship travels about the stars, its journey long
    we leave the trail of our wake
    and the echo of our song

    Moments in time, left behind
    Not only past, but distant
    The slowest and the sweetest
    gone in an instant.

    Slipping ever farther out of reach
    Memories of moments formed, unique to each
    When searching for the machine to beam us through time
    we should remember to try the flux capacitor in our mind
    to flip the switch, lean back, and close our eyes.

    Nice rhyme! I just happened to write a little rhyme with the subject being time earlier in the week!

    I like the video, and it got me thinking that the artist was in fact working with a time machine. However this particular time machine could only take the man, as he wished, forward in time (or could only consume time, if it were a commodity).

    Man being what he is, I really hope time travel is never possible, but it would be interesting to witness humanity gaining an understanding of the interplay between time, gravity, and observers.

    1. The video is a trailer for a documentary. There are two men building time machines - one wants to see the future, the other wants to change the past. I find both thoughts a bit worrisome too. I think there are plenty of people who would abuse the privilege if they had the chance... Biff Tannen style.

      I like your rhyme too. Funny we wrote on the same theme. Thanks for visiting.


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