Saturday, May 17, 2014

Is Net Neutrality Just A Failing Fairytale?

A Failing Fairytale
by Rachel Hoyt

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Once upon a time
Nothing changed on a dime
Because we couldn't hear
Or see the things not near.

We hardly knew the way
Others lived day to day
And rarely saw a view
Our shoes could not walk to.

Then one day, like a dream,
There came a way to beam
Data through outer space
To a digital place.

We knew not how it flew
Or burrowed its way to
Our screens, but we embraced
Sharing this neutral space.

Now he who plugged us in
Wants bribes or he will thin
Our vision, slow the speed,
Infuse neutral with greed.

We know that he will hide
The voices that abide
In cracks quite hard to find
And control poor great minds.

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

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from becoming the pay to play place small businesses fret.

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