Saturday, April 18, 2015

What Do the California Drought and NaPoWriMo Have in Common? These poems!

Since Governor Jerry Brown ordered Californians to cut back their water use by 25% on the dawn of National Poetry Month, I thought we might write some poems in honor of the drought to help motivate the masses. I've written a few rhymes which you may feel free to pass out for Poem in Your Pocket Day (Friday, April 24th). Or, use them as inspiration to write your own poem. If you need a bit of news to get your creative juices flowing, I recommend this article about how to survive a major drought or this one on water rights.

Pure Genius
by Rachel Hoyt

One quite thirsty entrepreneur
bought water rights just to ensure
the world would drink up
his "thing", fill their cups,
and agree that one pays for what's pure.

2015 Drought
by Rachel Hoyt

The twenty-fifteen drought
made Californian's pout -
their golden state renewed,
their riches far eschewed.

Drought Acrostic
by Rachel Hoyt

Dollars can't buy more sense.
Rinse off your want for Earth.
Order can make times tense,
Unless you feel their worth.
Give thanks for every drip.
Hang on - firm, gentle grip.
To stay half full, don't slip.

Poems Copyright © 2015 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.


  1. As always, great poems.
    Writers Block is a form of writing drought. So this relates to me.
    In a round about way. LOL

    1. Hehehe. I knew someone would see the secondary significance / relationship between NaPoWriMo and the drought! :)

    2. Lovely poetry! I thought of the creative drought as well. Wishing both of you an abundance of both! :)

  2. Enjoyed reading these and a lot of truth there. See my words at:

  3. The government cannot solve this problem. It should be outsourced to some brilliant genius in the private sector. Someone like Nestle. They have lots of experience in this area.

  4. I received this one by email...

    Our water ain’t free,

    Like from the sea.

    We pay the price,

    With a roll of dice.

    Those clouds we see,

    Have a big MAYBE.

    So let’s all pray,

    That like today,

    More rain comes down,

    To wet our ground.

    Bud Stuart


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