Saturday, May 16, 2015

Do You Ever Feel Like Everyone Wants Your "Spare" Change?

Pocket Change
by Rachel Hoyt

image by hin255

My pockets are always empty.
I never have any spare change.
I pinch and pinch, but my pennies
all seem to roll straight down the drain.

Banks helped me to have 'cash' a plenty
which, at first, seemed a little strange,
then the plastic began to appease
my pockets by pampering their pain.

Perhaps my pockets now envy
the plastic - they asked for your change.
They said, if I steal all your pennies,
my dreams will crawl back up the drain.

Copyright © 2015 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.



  1. your pocket is full of pennies of smile,
    never be empty, never be fragile,
    just following the steps you have already taken,
    rhyming my words, resiling my smile.

    1. Beautiful. I love the idea of smiling pennies in my pocket. :)

  2. I've fallen into the custom of always paying with plastic. So I almost never have change in my pocket. Which comes in handy when other people are asking for my change.

  3. Straight down the drain... Absolutely.... That's where the scavengers live, down in the bowels of the sewage section of our economic system.... :)

  4. Money never stays bin my purse. Always a family member "has to have " something . Money down the drain alright...
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