Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friends Like a Box of Chocolates

Like choosing a chocolate out of a fine box of candy,
each for different reasons, I think my friends are dandy.
But lately I've been thinking maybe I should branch out...
just to see what other random people's lives are about.
The sociologist in me doesn't get to do enough studies.
That's why I need a very diverse group of buddies.
Now that I've amassed a small following on the Internet,
I thought I'd throw some ideas out there and see what I get.

I'd like to hang out at least once with a snake charmer,
especially if he or she lived a double life as a farmer.
It might be a common combo somewhere near the Pink City,
but only a rare soul would live that life anywhere near me.
No matter what, I want to know if I could be trained,
or if snake charming power is from birth ingrained.
I did master both the flute and recorder growing up,
pungi is the next most similar instrument if moving up.

I'd like to befriend someone trying to obtain a world record.
Depending the activity, maybe I'll get a fan club on board.
I'm interested in the type who has turned a leisure time task,
into something so grandiose, the art scene should bask.
For instance, a person who builds a card house that truly rocks,
or perhaps a structure made of jenga pieces or domino blocks.
I'm not sure what type of person hangs out in that crowd...
"let loose" type engineers?  Frat boys?  Just thinking aloud.

I'd like to meet more gals who like to hula hoop...
maybe together we could start a hip swirling troop.
I've only twirled the loop maybe twice since childhood...
But both times the birds chirped, "Hey, you did good!"
(Yeah, that's right... I can interpret what the birds say.
It's easy if you don't let semantics get in the way.)
I hear you need not be a hippy to shake your caboose.
You need only a deep desire to find a way to let loose.

I'd like to meet one of the luckiest people on earth,
to see if their near death experience increased their self worth.
I bet they have interesting insights thanks to their incidents.
Do they think things happen for a reason or are just coincidence?
Do they live every day with a fear of random collision?
Or, did testing invincibility become their new life mission?
Though I laughed harder than I ever have at one of you tube's videos,
I know the real life experience would have made me loose my cheerios.

I'd like more friends that do voices and make prank calls.
They often say and do things for which I don't have the balls.
Living vicariously through their antics would brighten my day,
especially if it meant "celebrities" would call me to say hey.
We could make Bart Simpson style calls to our favorite bar,
or play dialer's roulette if our linguistic skills were to par.
That's when you dial random digits and come up with a plan,
just as soon as there's an answer... thinking as fast as you can!

I'd like to hang a few times with someone who has their own pet monkey.
That's a parent-child relationship dynamic that I've been dying to see!
I've always thought chimps made adorable facial expressions.
I wonder if I could teach them to do celebrity impressions?!
Perhaps we could train him or her to help around the house?
After all, my cat is required to know how to catch a mouse.
On the other hand, I'm worried about the possibility of attack.
Monkeys can really hurt you when mad.  I should think about that.

I'd like to be friends with 411 and 911 operators because,
I think they see a side of America that's missed in the buzz.
Sure, there are occasional stories of a ridiculous call,
but they make up a small part of the news overall.
I want to know how often strange calls come in real life,
and I apologize in advance for laughing at others' strife.
Are the callers using these operators for free therapy?
Don't girlfriend's still meet to sympathize over tea?

Anyhow, this list above is just the beginning; just a starter.
Perhaps you'd like to do a link exchange / online friendship barter.
Just leave a comment here to let me know what you're all about.
Perhaps a six degrees of separation association you figured out.
If you don't meet the criteria, but still want to show me some love,
click the share buttons below or the SU button to the right and above.
I'm just a simple gal who hopes her wacky rhyming gets into to you...
that you have a fun blog visit and leave to smile the whole day through.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011

Luxury Easter Chocolates

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  1. Another well written piece by Miss Rhyme Me A Smile....Definitely gonna stumble. And it won't take me a while.


  2. Thanks Miss Duchesne. I'll be over to visit you again soon... maybe when I get a break from work, say around noon? :o)

  3. I love it, I love it, I love it.

    Fantastic from start to finish!

    SJ - Almost There

  4. You didn't mention stick people. So now I am sad. (I'd leave a comment in your format, but my rhyming is pretty - not good.)

    I really liked this one. You incorporated random sorts of folks, your sociologist background, and threw in a call for more bloggy-networking.

    Pretty spiffy.

  5. I have a suggestion for someone in your list. If you go the a performance of the Santa Barbara Symphony, and you go early, there's a speaker who talks about the performance. His name is Ramon and he is unbelievable at doing voices. Just go up and talk to him, he's amazing and a really terrific guy. Maybe you can get him to do his Christopher Walken or Jimmy Stewart for you: he's dead-on in his impressions!

  6. Hello Katherine and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Every note from a reader makes me feel rewarded and content. To date, I have not been to the Santa Barbara Symphony...
    but if I make it there, I'll have Ramon do an impression for me. :o)

  7. This is sweet, smart and beautiful....

  8. Hello, how are you? Thank you so very much for your participation at Jingle Poetry potluck... We truly enjoyed your share of talent and looking forward to seeing you again.

    old poems are welcome. Hope to see you in.


  9. Speaking of people doing odd things. I used to do scam-baiting. That's where you reply to email scammers and make them believe you are the next target. The goal is to see how long you can get them to keep in touch with you, before they realize they are wasting their time. Some of the results were very humorous. If you'd ever care to take a look at a few of correspondences, let me know on FB. I've saved everything I've ever written to them. Oh yea, let me know of FB because I may not see your reply here in a timely manner.

    1. LOL. YOU were a scam baiter? That sounds FASCINATING. :)


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