Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spreading Smiles

  Image used courtesy of Stuff No One Told Me.  Thank you Alex!

Statistics by blogger has slipped me a hint for a rhyme topic.
Responding to their stats kinda makes me feel philanthropic.
It seems a few have found me when seeking "a rhyme about smiles".
Lucky for me, my blog title led them straight to my poetry files.
Evidently, I'm not the only adult who misses reading Dr. Seuss,
or who feels that smiling at silly rhymes should need no excuse.

Smiling often, for some, is not so easy to put into practice.
For them, grinning though depression feels like sitting on a cactus.
In situations where surrounded by "just put on a happy face" devotees,
Lethargic they feel - as if judged by jury of plastered on smile zombies.
Everyone has a happy place somewhere... at least that's what I think.
Smiling is contagious... so if you're not doing it, your friends stink!

Singers have been writing songs about this activity for years.
Many comedy shows are written with the goal of joyful tears.
I bet if you sit out in public, people watching for five minutes.
Lots of reasons to smile will appear in the form of life snippets.
Everywhere you go there are plentiful fun life scenes to see.
Sitting on your couch... there's TV, movies, and bloggers like me.

Stuff No One Told Me is a great comic blog whose point of view I find nice.
At the Duchesne, fun news is presented with a sprinkle of blog writer spice.
I think the "life narrative" I've followed longest is Kristine's Wait in the Van.
Confessions of a Recovering Cynic is super fun... check it out if you can.
Awesome stick figures and wacky semantics abound at Doug's I Like Cheese.
Scott's Tip of the Day is entertaining.  That bloggy lawyer is the bee's knees.

Since my smile needs vary I also keep an arsenal of funny movies handy.
Many days I find new smile themed music as joyful as a bowl of candy.
I try to rotate through each smile type to befit my daily personal style.
Those around me evoke new grins and smirks every once in a while.
Engaging your friends in random acts of craziness can also be good...
So long as the wacky behavior isn't out of control or misunderstood.

Simply put, there's a million reasons we ought to grin no matter what.
My friends, I'm grinning now despite a huge dark purple bruise on my butt.
You see, I had a little spill the other day getting off the ladder from my loft.
In a test of grace moment, the cabinet corner smashed my butt so soft.
Even though I hurt in nearly every standing or sitting position possible,
Smiling is a sacred daily practice I find (drug assisted) is still  plausible.

So... get out there today and find the thing that makes you smile the most.
My hope is you'll take time to go visit the links I shared within this post.
If you need "help", you could surgically inhibit frown ability with botox.
Whatever it takes to smile throughout life's school of hard knocks?
Everyone likes to take stress breaks for a funny joke or video.
So please share a smile today with someone special you know.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011
If you like the comic shown above and are seeking holiday gifts with images you love...  click here or here to visit Alex's store.  He sells his art on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more!

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This rhyme and The Mood Ring Game have been entered in Jingle Poetry's poetry potluck Mondays.  :o)


  1. You're fabulous and your rhymes make me smile. :):):):):):):):):) - Annelisa

  2. i LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEEEE your rhymes!! you're really good!!! no, you're great! can you teach me to put up those rhymes?:)

    oh,by the way Rachel ,i have an award for you for posting lovely blogs!

    visit my site to claim it!


  3. visiting for the first time...and you did make me smile;)


  4. You write so well, I am so amazed at the talent all around me. Oh comedies work for me everytime too. In fact on TV I watch comedy shows mostly.

    Thanks Rachel for the generous remarks :)

  5. Another wonderful piece of Rhyme. I love stopping by here x

  6. So interesting. I liked it very much... Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  7. This piece made me smile, and i thought, how wonderful the way you advertised other smiles ... and then I smiled some more. I am going to link with your smile ... and hopefully they will bring happy tears to my old tired eyes. Thank you for today's smile.

  8. wonderful piece keep the smiles coming

  9. Thanks to everyone who came from Jingle Poetry to read my rhyme. Kind comments like yours make me smile every time. :o)

  10. thanks for linking up with potluck.

    award/treats for you. smiles.

  11. Rachel Dear, keep smiling.. :)

    Your words made me smile too!!


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