Monday, November 22, 2010

Poor Randy Boy

One morning my radio spoke of squatters in Montecito,
and at first I thought the idea sounded quite neato.
Many estates in the area aren't lived in year round...
wonder how long I could live there before being found?

Then came the twist...  it's Randy and Evi Quaid!?!
In the guest house where their friends one stayed?
If they truly still own it, why not stay in the main house?
Also, no estate owner I know is as dirty as a louse.

Since then, the story has spread for all the world to see,
as he seeks asylum like a critter hiding in a tree.
But since I think publicity is what he really wants to get...
here's an O Danny Boy rewrite I hope you'll never forget.


Poor Randy boy, the courts, the courts are calling,
Santa Barbara's not taking his side.
So now he's gone... to Canada ran crying.
Hollywood star whackers made him run and hide.

But he'll be back when more admit what they know,
or when producers offer him a show.
Then finally, to Santa Barbara court he'll go.
Poor Randy boy, poor Randy boy, they stalk you so.

© Rachel Hoyt 2010 - 2011


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  2. Rachel, Rachel, I've been thinking
    You make fun of other's grief;
    If the shoes were on your footsies
    You'd be crying for relief.

    Rachel, Rachel, mind your manners;
    Have you a manor that you own?
    You will learn there's deep corruption
    And the Quaids are not alone.

    Rachel, Rachel, I've been thinking,
    What good do you do all day?
    Do you fight for social justice
    Or do you just throw "poop" to play?

    Rachel, Rachel, please get conscious
    Truth is outraged by your sport---
    Please become a Whistleblower
    And stop corruption in our court.

  3. Poor Rachel, her skills are lacking
    seems she wrote this while blacking
    out to the world, nothing but empty
    head, just rhymes that are reaching

    bleaching, the whole point obscured
    blurred impure, unsure of the point
    hope she anoints, new poet to rhyme
    someone with timing should chime in

  4. You have competition, well hardly :)

    Anyone who leaves an anonymous comment really shouldn't hide behind that comfort. I like your rhymes, they cheer me up and on a plus side I get to hear of things I wouldn't usually.


Rhyming or not, I would like a lot to hear the thoughts my words brought...