Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Vending Machines and Robot Domination

Dear vending machine inventors and clever ad agencies,

Think about what you are doing to the world with your work, please.
It seems the new trend is to engage the customer with the machine,
but exploiting love for junk food at this level seems plain mean.
There's the one in Singapore that gives out a free Coke for a hug,
or the traveling machine that spits out free chips when you cut the rug,
three machines which treat humanity like we're all dumb as rocks.

While there are the many who live life happily ignorant
of the psychological effects for which such advertising is meant,
I, for one, know that you will benefit long after that day
when the long hidden happy memories come into play.
When feeling blue, they may look back upon the joy
they found interacting with your junk food dispensing toy
and reach for that same snack to help soothe their pain
only to experience undesired weight gain.

I know what you'll say. "Watch the videos.  They love it!"
I am familiar with your tactic, but wish you were above it.
At the very least could you post some nutritional info?
The calories burned while earning the treat could also show?
You stand to gain much by getting the people to play your game,
so spread honest facts now before you are the ones they blame
for their vast lack of happiness and plethora of fat cells -
the obvious result of your machine's powerful spells.

May your robots be kind and spread joy in style!


Rachel Hoyt
of Rhyme Me a Smile

© 2012 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

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  1. Wow that is insane
    I would pop a vein

    1. I could hardly believe it! The things people will do for a free snack... amazing.

  2. I fear rationality's lacking
    When these folks act the fool for their snacking.

    Great video and poem, Rachel!

    1. Cute rhyme! Thanks for visiting, Martha. :)

  3. omg that is insane...and they ...i wonder how far they went...that is scary actually...

    1. I wonder how far they went too! I havent seen a second video... yet. :)

  4. lol that is really an interesting experiment in a way to see how far people will go to get something for free! lol..

    Great video..and post!

    1. pretty interesting indeed... but scary too! :)

  5. my family got a kick out of this...and it was a great point for a jump off conversation as well...


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