Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wacky Word Wednesday - Augury

by Rachel Hoyt

image by winnond via

An augury
is a sign you see
that might make you feel tingly.

It's an omen of what's to be
if you believe the world shows thee
through the occasional augury.

© 2012 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
Every week I rhyme and define a new wacky word.
Come on over to indulge your inner nerd.
And, please let me know of any weird words you've heard.
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  1. Love the poem and the photo! Just great!

  2. Wonderful poem! What a fun way to learn new words. Very nice photo too. Thank you very much for dropping in and commenting on my poem. Greatly appreciated :-) See you soon

    1. Thank you, SaraV! Nice to see you back. I'll be over to visit again soon. :)

  3. I feel you should become an auger thereby giving me my augury. Maybe in the future you will I augured



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