Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - On David Siegel and Urban Legends

Burp Attack
by Rachel Hoyt
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One day, The Ruler of Resorts
Looked out at his empire,
Gazed upon a small, green cohort
Some kids viewed as a squire.

Mac the turtle,
Toppled king Yertle -
With one simple burp,
He fell like a twerp.

The Ruler of Resorts knew stuff,
Which mostly he'd learned online,
And so he Googled, "How to rule tough,"
And made plans to thicken his spine.

Mac the turtle,
Pictured king Yertle,
Plummeting in fear,
Then yelled, "Boo!" in his ear.

The Ruler donned his crown
And gathered the thoughts he'd procured,
Wrote his insanity down
And mailed it before he matured.

Mac the turtle,
Laughed at pseudo-Yertle,
"You know you can't succeed.
I'm the yang to your yin greed!"

Knowing Mac was just a small voice,
Unlikely to sue for plagiarism,
The Ruler of Resorts stole his words by choice
With naive hopes of stopping a schism.

Mac the turtle,
Channelled king Yertle,
To decide what to do -
One burp or two?

Yertle fell quickly, but the Ruler's demise
Came from two distinct lifequakes -
One writer now richer for writing good lies
And staff gone on strike, "For Thought's Sake".
© 2012 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved

and written in hopes the ending will resemble Dr. Seuss's, "Yertle the Turtle".

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  1. Yikes! A frightening tale for sure, for fear there is no cure, and heights of ego abound, where the thinnest air is found (apparently...)

  2. Sounds like the trouble with Mac (Apple) and Samsung a.k.a. Yertle also the biff between Apple and Google... oh my I need a drink

    Cheers A

    1. It could definitely be used for multiple debauchles. :P

  3. This was fun to read Rachel! I am glad I didn`t have to read it out loud...I could get my tongue twisted in the process :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the read, Nelieta. It takes practice to read them out loud. :)

  4. we now that is not manipulation at all now is it...ugh....nice poem in response...for thoughts sake...i hope their point is made so that other rulers dont think they can get away with the same bs

    1. I hope someone stands up to him and succeeds too! No one should be able to get away with that.


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