Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Fun Day - Crambo aka Bouts Rimés - Bunbury

Bouts Rimés means "rhymed ends" in French and is a game or challenge where one person (me) makes a list of rhymed words and others (you) write the lines that end with those rhymes, in the same order in which they were given. It was known as Crambo in English and was quite popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  Will you help me bring back this hip historical habit?
Here's a photo I took of a little shelled friend I visit sometimes when my thoughts need to bend.  Use it with your poem if you like or tell us of your 'friend' who causes creative spikes.
Above are the words.
Get writing rhyme nerds!
There will be no winner.  This is just for fun.
If you will, rhyme a smile here for everyone.


  1. Gina Paulina Smith

    I have a special bunbury.
    But not exactly imaginary.

    She's not a sexy fantasy.
    Your thoughts are an audacity!

    My companion just for travelling,
    She directs when I'm unravelling.

    To aid disjointed memory,
    And spare a wrong trajectory.

    1. Very cute! I can almost hear a whiny voice yelling the second couplet at me. :)

    2. LOL - I literally laughed at my own suggestion for the name of this (crambo) poem.

    3. I love it when that happens!! I love the ring of Gina Paulina... :)

    4. Yes, thought it went together well. The trouble was thinking of a last name. I went with the standard SMITH. Can't go wrong with that.

    5. Definitely... and you wouldn't want something so flashy that it distracts from the lovely Gina Paulina part. :)

  2. I ditched him for a Bunbury,
    an appointment quite imaginary,
    a concocted little fantasy,
    a creation of some audacity.

    But I needed to be traveling.
    Couldn't stay there, mind unraveling,
    and bear another mundane memory,
    my eyes scouting a trajectory.

    1. Imaginary friends are so much easier to get along with, right? :)

      Great to see you here Bryan! Thanks for joining in the Crambo games.

  3. Here's my attempt... (No title yet)

    They said she was a bunbury -
    Completely, absolutely imaginary,
    A flowery, finicky fantasy,
    Conjured by my audacity -
    Yet whether world traveling
    Or enduring doldrums unraveling,
    Her presence was no mere memory,
    But the force field of my trajectory.

  4. having dinner with my Bunbury
    forget for a second it's Imaginary
    permit me my dinner roll fantasy Fantasy
    haha he is so full of Audacity
    is it yet another road we are Traveling
    and what i see Unraveling
    is it all just my own Memory
    and no way to affect both/our Trajectory

    1. Your dinner roll is your bunbury? Does he/she scream, "Don't eat me!"? :)

      Thanks for participating Brian.

  5. I wish I had a bunbury
    Who isn't just imaginary,
    And our pranks more than just fantasy.
    We'd test our limits of audacity
    As, around the world traveling
    And mysteries unraveling,
    We'd impose on others' memory
    A déjà vu trajectory.

    1. I love that last line! It really makes me think. :) Thank you for playing.

  6. Like the in-a-pinch bunbury
    Most of the world in which we live is imaginary

    The things we see and read stitch together our own personal fantasy-
    A place where we need not question our own audacity

    From start to finish we spend our lives traveling
    Through the world, facing its unknowns and unraveling

    By the end, all we ever were was string of memories
    drawing projections with unpredictable trajectories

    1. I'm sorry I didn't comment on this sooner. (I thought I had.) I really like wording in the final couplet and the idea that we are a string of memories - as if we can't be seen, only remembered, because by the time we see, it has already passed.


Rhyming or not, I would like a lot to hear the thoughts my words brought...