Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - On Bitcoins

Bitman's Tree
by Rachel Hoyt
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For generations, Bitman males
Had dreamt of growing cash -
Great great grandpa wrote down his fails
And how his pa was rash
To think that planting a few coins
Could sprout unbridled wealth -
(He tested ways to nurture loins
And what brings money health.)
He never did make money trees
Or his son after him,
But little Billy Bitman, (geez!)
His vision was less slim -
"Bits of data around the world
Are like rare gems," he thought.
Soon a new type of coin unfurled,
Not seen, but often bought -
It floated around time and space
With more, then less, value,
No one could see the tree's home base,
But still his dream came true -
A calculation burst a seed
And people bought its leaves,
Fertilized with secrets and greed,
It grew cash one perceives.
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
Bitcoins (to some) are the latest, greatest thing,
but I believe its an imaginary value they bring.
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  1. And for a time these coins will proceed to succeed
    For a time they'll fill a need
    But the coins will begin to bleed
    and the late comers will be burnt
    They'll be OK 'til they're not
    Quite the blow to a fresh generation
    of investors who just hadn't learn't

    Somewhere at this party
    There can be no doubt that cash
    arrives to the bash
    Everything's green, but we don't yet see
    the monsters in this mash

    The coins may fall,
    But that's to be expected
    Partly to the greed you mention
    along with various other corrupt intentions
    bent to bend this clever invention
    But the fall of the coin will surely pass
    as any money not backed by gold
    must be backed by lead
    Though "faith" is the euphemism commonly used instead
    The dollar rests on the men, tanks, and planes
    Think of all those war games keepin' the world tame

    The coins may persist for a time
    Though they're unlikely to resist facilitating crimes
    But under the force gravity and riding the wave of time
    as with each and all in this universe
    The coins too will blossom and wilt
    Simply as a matter of fact
    whether for better or for worse

    1. I read that bitcoins are indeed used for many purchases people wouldn't want anyone to know about... :)

      Thank you for the fun poetic response!

  2. Rachel, thank you for keeping me currency current! Interesting though a little to volatile for me-- They might make like a tree and leave....:-) (couldn't resist!)

    1. LMAO! They totally might make like a tree and leave. :-)

  3. You had me at Brit-Com. Oh wait, what? You aren't talking about British Comedies? Oh, Bitcoins! Sorry misread that.

    How many bitcoins does it take to buy a BritCom series?

  4. Didn't realise these were such a big deal, I'd rather stick to money that feels more real :)

    1. I had no idea they were such a big deal either until about a week ago. I thought they were just play money for online video games! :P

  5. Good one!
    "Fertilized with secrets and greed" - how true are they in this materialistic world


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