Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Making of Los Caped Barbarinos

Shelly Seuss and Flying Flower
by Rachel Hoyt

I was running down a dream
when a new one flew to me:
a scooter gang making a scene
with capes flapping wild and free -

We smile at the joy and laughter around
(whether it flies with or at us)
and seek to enhance that which surrounds
the heaven where two wheels took us.

I whispered out my dream
to a flower flying by -
It echoed like a scream,
shot my dream across the sky -

"Shelly Seuss shall ride," said the stars,
"and she will wear a cape -
With Flying Flower you'll surprise cars
and make bystanders gape."

Now we scoot down our dream
following its scent beyond the breeze,
attempting to emit a glee beam,
while giving the world a cape tease.

© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
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A new scooter gang is forming in SB
which aims to fill the town with silly glee...

(Sorry that the video quality is a bit lacking.
We are happy to accept any extra GoPros you're packing.)
Flying Flower flying...
Shelly Seuss learns to fly...


  1. Cute and funny poem. You girls are having too much fun. LOL

    And don't worry about learning to fly. All it takes is practice. It's as easy as falling off a bike. Errrrr, maybe not the best metaphor.

    1. Define "too much fun" please. :P

      LOL on your "easy as falling off a bike" metaphor... :)


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