Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Poem in Honor of Vegan Sellouts and Conscious Carnivores

The Conscious Carnivore's Chant
by Rachel Hoyt
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I know that my resolve is not
strong enough, and it's all I've got,
so I will not become vegan.
I won't give up Green Eggs and Ham.
There's no carnage more stinky than
a once vegan who kicked the can.

I can't give up my cheese and milk.
They taste, to me, like cream and silk.
Plus, meat eat eaters let much milk spoil
and spilled milk still makes my blood boil...
Still, milk carnage stinks much less than
a once vegan who kicked the can.

I'll eat much less, but need some meat
once in a while - a diet treat.
I will seek meat that is raised with freedom
and love it to its end with a loud, "Yum."
Still, will my carnage stink any more than
a once vegan who kicked the can?

I will stand tall with the 'sellouts' who
had to give up veganism to
love things both of and on the Earth
and conquer food shame felt since birth.
For there is one thing more stinky than
a once vegan who kicked the can:
The shame bomb's swarthy, rotten smoke -
the vegan's exhaled verbal poke.
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.
I read about a site that was created to shame -
but when I tried to see it for myself
the content had gone missing from the shelf.
Directed instead to meet my meat,
I wondered who inspired them to be more discreet.
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  1. Replies
    1. LOL! That would not be a sprinkling of meat. :P

  2. I'm a sensitive meat eater whose conscious is in perpetual conflict. Brought up in a culture where meat had equal value to the other dishes ie tortillas, frijoles and arose. One is always with the other. Love my vegy's and fruit therefore I am in balance.

    Love this piece, sonorita Rachel :-p (slurp!)

    1. I was never quite as big a fan of meat as the rest of my family, but somehow I still can't see myself going without it completely. I too feel I need a little to stay balanced. :)

  3. Why would anyone spend time figuring out who's vegan and who's not? And then going the extra step to 'expose' previous vegans?

    1. When you say it like that it sounds like a lot of work. I think it was mostly vegans outing their friends who gave up the fight against animal products. :o/

  4. Love the verse and remember eating meat is an instinct, choosing to eat plants is a choice. I be an omnivore.


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