Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wacky Word Wednesday - Macrology

(Mac rah lo gee)
by Rachel Hoyt
image by lamnee via
Masterful macrology
is the kind of thing that you might see
while mingling at a cocktail party -

It's the superfluity
of words that are empty -
talk without thought - macrology.
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Every week I rhyme and define a new wacky word.
Come on over to indulge your inner nerd.
And, please let me know of any weird words you've heard.

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  1. I wrote a r.a.n.t. about this once, but I called it: Health Insurance Meeting.

    1. LOL. Yes, there is a lot of macrology in the health insurance industry. :)

  2. talk without thought...well that happens quite a lot

  3. Superfluity is also a great word--got way to much macrology in the world--politicians must major in macrology...;-)


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